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Jessica Stroup

A Much-Needed Intervention

On the left: 90210 starlet Jessica Stroup at the Teen Choice Awards in August.

On the right: Jessica at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball this weekend.

Much improved.

She looks gorgeous and healthy and like a woman now, instead of like a starving child. Whoever sat this girl down and talked some sense into her, well done. See? These things don’t always have to turn into tragedies.

It’s That Time of Year Again!

We’re coming up on a Presidential election, and gossip has been moving at the pace of the 405 at rush hour, so the only logical course of action is to point out that, on occasion, starlets develop anorexia.



The folks at Us Weekly seem to have noticed that some of the female members of the 90210 cast are anorexic. Guess what? I noticed that shit a LONG TIME AGO.

From Us Weekly:

“They want the girls to gain weight,” a show source tells Us. “They are trying too hard to be skinny, and it’s started to wear on them. It’s just not healthy.”

See photos of more scary skinny stars.

Stroup, 21, is 5-foot-8 but weighs 100 to 105 pounds while Grimes, 18, is 5-foot-3 and stands at a mere 90 pounds, Beverly Hills-based weight-management expert Dr. Joyce Peters estimates to Us.

“I’ve never seen Jessica or Shenae eat,” another show source tells Us.

And here’s what fucking KILLS me: Us magazine wants to act like it’s all horrible and tragic that these girls are dying of a miserable and destructive illness, and meanwhile they’re trying to get page views off of a photo gallery of other starving girls. And they will! It doesn’t matter what they’re saying, what they’re so obviously implying is that THIN IS PROFITABLE.

And you think these girls are really gonna take shit from their producers about their weight?

Fuck, they just landed the cover of Us Weekly, and it’ll sell well, too, because America LOVES anorexia, and the show will see a much-needed ratings boost.


Makes me sooooo mad.