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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Gives Birth – Yeehaw!

jessica simpson pregnant

Jessica Simpson, after what felt like a year-long pregnancy, gave birth a baby boy. He was then promptly named Ace Knute Johnson, according to TMZ. Man, that kid is gonna be such a good race car driver.

The baby’s father is Eric Johnson. They have 1 previous child together, a daughter named Maxwell.

I made a congratulations card for Ms. Simpson. Here it is:

jessica simpson pregnant

I worked at least 2 minutes on this.

Jessica Simpson Sued For Using Some Guy’s Baby On a Magazine Cover

ok magazine

A New Orleans man is suing Jessica Simpson, claiming that she tried to make money off his baby by posing in a photo with him that appeared on the cover of OK Magazine. Christopher Hurst went to a meet-and-greet with Jessica back in 2011 where he brought his infant son and handed him over to her for a few photos to be snapped. The photo was then used on OK‘s cover and now the guy claims that she was trying to pretend it was her baby (despite the fact that she has a DAUGHTER who looks nothing like this kid) and wanted to cash in. I can’t with people.

From The Times Picayune:

Jessica Simpson, OK! magazine and a photography business took a picture of a Louisiana couple’s son with the celebrity from Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie without the couple’s permission then published it in such a way as to suggest the child was hers, according to a lawsuit the couple has filed. The photo was published in the April 16, 2012, edition of the weekly magazine, according to the suit, filed in the 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna by an attorney for the infant’s father, Christopher Hurst of Jefferson Parish, and mother, Tracy Gregory of Lafourche Parish.

“What happened in this situation was wrong,” said Michael North, the attorney. “It’s not something that ever should happen. Our immediate aim is to find out how it happened and why it happened and determine who is responsible.”

The couple asserts an invasion of privacy and emotional distress caused by the celebrity news magazine, which boasts a weekly circulation of 4.5 million and a website that attracts more than 7.3 million views per month. The couple is seeking damages that appear to be no more than $75,000.

Okay, first of all, if it takes you a year to file a lawsuit, you need to sit the hell down because you clearly weren’t bothered about this and have just decided you’re running short on cash and feel like making an easy dollar. Second of all, no one thought that was Jessica Simpson’s kid – at least not in any way beyond, like, “Huh, who’s that kid? I thought she had a girl.” Third of all, unless Jessica Simpson is the Editor-In-Chief of OK and chooses the photos that appears in the magazine, I think it’s strange no one pointed out that these assholes are suing the entirely wrong people. Ah well, another day, another dollar.

Jessica Simpson Was Surprised At Her Second Pregnancy, Despite Not Using a Condom Or Being On the Pill

Today in sex education: ladies, if you don’t use protection during sex or are not on birth control, there’s a chance you may fall pregnant. Apparently Jessica Simpson missed that day’s lesson, because the singer/actress/Weight Watchers spokeswoman (what does she do???) admitted that her second pregnancy, which came less than a year after she gave birth to daughter Maxwell, was a total surprise. Ouch.

From an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (via DigitalSpy):

Simpson was in the midst of an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when she joked about the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.

“I don’t know, apparently protection was just thrown out the window,” Simpson teased, adding: “We were definitely extremely shocked.”

The ‘With You’ singer also admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that the second pregnancy has been far rougher than when she was carrying daughter Maxwell.

“Like with Maxwell, I felt amazing,” she recalled. “Like, I could do everything, eat everything. Do whatever I wanted.

“I had a lot of energy. This time around… I’m like, exhausted, eating Tums. That’s my snack of choice!”

Tums are good – I’d eat them as a snack and I’m not even pregnant (nor do I have heartburn), but calcium is good for all of us. In any case, how much do we want to bet she’ll end up pregnant again after she gives birth to her son (who’s going to be called Ace, apparently)? I’d bet on it.