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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Gets Something Big and Orange for Her Birthday

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My favorite Simpson turned thirty-one yesterday, and to celebrate, she received a really large orange Hermes handbag (can you even call something that big a “handbag”?) from her fiancé. Then, she went on Twitter to blab about it, and I’ll summarize for you:

“Eric made my birthday!!! I have never been more surprised in my life! Jackie O who? ;)”

“Life is such a gift. Thank you to all of my family, friends, and fans for all of your birthday wishes and unconditional love. I’m so HAPPY!”

“It is only 1pm and i think i have pretty much heard from everyone in my life!! That is a birthday record!! Huge smile on my face!”

Jess is just the sweetest – she totally deserves the happiest of birthdays. And a Hermes bag, nice! Her money, hidden strategically in the barren wallet of Eric Johnson, certainly has impeccable taste in both brand and color, I must say.

Jessica Simpson Is Planning An Intervention for Ashlee

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That felt really strange to write. It’s like, when did this world become a place where Jessica Simpson could tell anyone “hey, you have a drinking problem”?  I guess it happened when Ashlee Simpson started looking a little bit like a heartless bitch and also started guzzling “eight to ten bottles of wine a week.” Yeah, probably somewhere around then.

From Star via Celebitchy:

Jessica Simpson has staged an intervention for her troubled 26-year-old sister, Ashlee. Ashlee is in the middle of a painful split from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, 32, with whom she has a 2-year-old son, Bronx. And reportedly, she’s not handling it well.

“Ashlee is downing eight to 10 bottled of wine a week,” a source reveals to Star. “Jessica is on a mission to save Ashlee from self-destructing, and she told her to funnel her angst into songwriting.”

Knee-deep in wedding prep, Jessica has even enlisted her fiancé, Eric Johnson, who has been helping Ashlee craft songs.

“Jessica has also been writing with Ashlee, but refuses to take any professional songwriting credit,” adds another insider. “The biggest reward for Jess will be seeing her baby sister bounce back.”

I’ll accept that Ashlee Simpson drinks ten bottles of wine every week. I could see that. But the bit about Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson’s fiance who used to play football and go to business school, helping Ashlee write songs?  That’s just too bizarre in an oddly adorable way, isn’t it?

I believe Star this time around, but what about you guys?  Do you think Ashlee might be downing nearly a dozen bottles of wine every week, or do you think this is just more tabloid nonsense?

Is Jessica Simpson Losing Weight For Her Wedding, Or Did She Just Stop Dressing Like a Pregnant Hobo?

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I’ve said before, I’ve got nothing but mad love for Jessica Simpson. MAD LOVE. She might not be a smart girl, but she’s good-hearted, she’s sweet, and she’s pretty as the day is long.

That being said, engagement and wedding-planning look really good on her. I don’t particularly think she’s lost a whole lot of weight, rather I think that she’s just dressing better lately and not choosing the most unflattering articles of clothing of all time. It helps a lot. Even when Jess was younger and thinner, she still had that curviness to her, and it’s still there. She’s still rocking it, and she still looks totally hot, don’t you think?

I do.