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Jessica Simpson


“Does perez hilton..whatever his name really is..have no heart at all?Don’t ever attack my family again.Sad to know u hate so deeply.Sad 4 U” Jessica Simpson’s Tweet to Perez Hilton in response to his blog that Bronx, Jess’ nephew, was celebrating his first birthday.  Perez’s ghost writer Perez wrote:...

Ashlee and Pete Celebrate Their Baby’s First Year

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz kept their baby Bronx alive for an entire year and yesterday they celebrated their glorious achievement by throwing their little boy a Sponge Bob themed birthday party. You’d think that they’d do something Jungle Book related because the two are so obsessed with the Kipling book-turned Disney Classic that...

Jessica Simpson Finally Speaks The Truth

No, Jess didn’t finally reveal her real IQ, but she is coming clean about just how bad Melrose Place is.  When her sister Ashlee was on the show, Jess would frequently Tweet about it, reminding fans to tune in, as any supportive sister would.  Now that Ash got pink slipped, Jess is crediting her sis with all of MP‘s success and...


“I don’t want to get bored. I can bore out pretty easily, so I love intellectual men … people that will always keep me intrigued.” — Jessica Simpson telling Extra what she’s looking for in a man. Oh, honey.