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Jesse James

13This Is So Not On My Bucket List.

I used to have this thing where all I’d have to do was think about worms in order to throw up, but I think those days are behind me. The visual that this story put into my head has easily superseded the whole “worms” gimmick and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same girl again.

Playgirl has allegedly offered $500k to Sandra Bullock’s smut-lovin’ husband, Jesse James, to strut his Monster-sized “Vanilla Gorilla” in their monthly rag. Even better? The head of the publication gives even more TMI by stating that the theme of the skin shoot will be that of a circus-freak-type setting.

No word on if Bombshell McGee will be serving as the bearded clam lady in the shoot, if, in the event James decided to take the mag up on its offer. If Bullock leaves his filthy ass, he might have no other choice.

I truly shudder to think of this alternative.

Worms, worms, worms …

March 25, 2010 at 3:02 pm by Sarah
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12Michelle McGee Did it All For the Nookie … And the Money.

While she’s a disgusting piece of white trash and James is kind of up there on the sick-o-meter, they just seem to be trumping one another in heinous behavior and statements.

McGee, James’ mistress, comes forth regarding her affair-prompting ways and claims that the reason — and the only reason — she ever involved herself with James was for the money.

Michelle McGross states that she entered into sexual encounters with James because she wanted a piece of his Monster Garage Penis fortune and claimed that it would be to secure a “better life” for her family.  Fuck, how noble.

Whether he would have turned this hoe into a housewife will remain to be seen, but she’s made her cheap buck anyway — she was allegedly paid a couple grand for even speaking to the press about the icky, white supremacist-themed affair.

What a gutter rat.

March 24, 2010 at 2:50 pm by Sarah

28Jesse James REALLY Wants to Make It With Sandra Bullock

And how could you blame him? It’s not a hard comparison to make — crazy, Nazi-bitch porn star or gorgeous Oscar-winning cash cow that just happened to find some attraction in your ugly, philandering mug. Really, it’s not a huge stretch to wonder who he’d indefinitely want to be with.

Sources say that James is feeling pretty low and very contrite at the moment; Bullock allegedly left the two’s shared home over a week ago and Jesse’s claiming to do everything in his power to win her back and take care of his children, who he doesn’t want to be “affected” by his “mishaps.”

The friend who’s speaking out on James’ behalf states:

“You’re talking about one of the most beautiful, talented women in the world, just an absolute wonderful human being, and there’s a great loss to him and his children.”

No doubt — a great loss to his personal empire as well as his joint bank account.

You lay down with dogs, Sandy, sometimes you get fleas … and mange … and the HERP.  You seem like an admirable, strong-willed woman, Ms. Bullock, so go and get some Frontline Plus and wash that louse right out of your hair or call the Orkin man or something.  Please.   And while you’re at it, sleep with him.  He’d be a total upgrade from Jesse “Nazi-fucker” James.

March 24, 2010 at 5:14 am by Sarah

11Jesse James May Be More Involved With That Nazi Stuff Than We Originally Thought

This whole Jesse James cheating scandal is turning out to be so much worse than I would have ever imagined. First we find out that he allegedly carried on an affair with a “tattoo model” (can you believe that that’s a real job?), then we find out that she’s into some Nazi shit, and now we find out that Jesse may be linked to the whole White Supremacy movement himself.


Jesse also reportedly has white power connections through his ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder. She is currently married to Jeremy Aikman, who is said to be “an admitted skinhead”. Aikman goes by the name “Lefty” on his MySpace page (which is private), and his last status update on Wednesday said, “What goes around comes around.” Could that be a dig against Jesse?

Lastly, some have pointed to this logo of Jesse’s company, West Coast Choppers, as further proof of his white supremacist beliefs. It does look at a lot like a German cross used frequently in Nazi art. If all this is true, we’d bet some of his tattoos are also in some way connected to white power.

If the cheating (which probably happened) and the Nazi ties (which I think are likely exaggerated in terms of Jesse’s involvement), then America’s image of their Sweetheart and her rough and tumble biker husband being the perfect “opposites attract” couple is going to crumble quick.

I find this whole thing to be very disheartening. Tiger Woods was surprising in a totally different way. I would think after switching from a porn star to one of Hollywood’s most beloved and wholesome starlets, Jesse would have shaken the whole “I like trashy broads” thing. Sad.

March 22, 2010 at 9:42 am by Molls

32So It Looks Like Sandra Bullock’s Husband Has Been Cheating on Her

Do the tabloid covers speak the truth? Sure sounds like it. After InTouch magazine hit stands yesterday morning screaming that Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, had an 11-month affair with a a tattoo model, Sandra backed out of the UK premiere of The Blind Side. Warner Bros issued this statement: “Due to unforeseen personal reasons a trip abroad to support The Blind Side has been deemed impossible at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your continued support of the film.”

Late Wednesday, People reported that Sandra had peaced out of the house she shared with Jesse just days before the tabloids hit the street.

And did anyone else notice that she didn’t explicitly thank him in her Oscar acceptance speech?

So what’s the dirt on Jesse’s cheating? Here’s an except from InTouch’s article:

When Sandra Bullock thanked her bad-boy husband, Jesse James, as she accepted her best actress Oscar for The Blind Side, she may not have known that while she was away shooting the film, Jesse was carrying on a steamy affair with a tattoo model. While Jesse has had an 11-month affair, including five weeks of sex, with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, she believed he and Sandra were no longer together. “I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man,” Michelle tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. “He gave me the impression they were separated.” For weeks, while Sandra was in Atlanta shooting The Blind Side, Michelle had sex at least once a week with the Monster Garage star. Far from a one-night stand, his relationship with Michelle was intimate and highly charged. Michelle even says she called Jesse, who didn’t wear underwear or condoms, by a special pet name, Vanilla Gorilla, because he was so “well-endowed.

While Jesse was in Atlanta with Sandra when she started to film The Blind Side, Michelle sent West Coast Choppers a friend request because she hoped to snag a modeling gig there. She was surprised that it was actually Jesse who wrote back to her and told her to e-mail him at his personal e-mail. From the start, Jesse wanted to meet Michelle, and it was never about business: “He started saying, ‘Do you want to hang out?’” So a week after he got in touch, Michelle drove two hours from her San Diego home to West Coast Choppers in LA. “I got there around 9 at night,” remembers Michelle, who was starstruck at first. “I was like, ‘Holy s**t. It’s really Jesse James.’” After taking Michelle on a tour of his garage, Jesse brought her into his office and locked the door. “We ended up on the couch,” she says. “He wanted to watch movies, but I asked him, ‘What’s going on with you and Sandra?’” Jesse was evasive. “He said, ‘She doesn’t live here. She has a house in Austin. She is filming, and I can’t talk about it.’” Assuming he and Sandra were separated, Michelle continued talking to Jesse, she says, and then, “We had intimate relations.” Michelle says she and Jesse had sex “two or three times,” that night — and began what she believed was a serious relationship, texting each other several times a day, and meeting up for sex at least twice a week for the next five weeks.

Woooow, so the Vanilla Gorilla cheated on his wife and didn’t use a condom? CLASSY ON ALL COUNTS.

You picked a real shitty time to do this, Jesse. Sandra’s always going to be America’s Sweetheart, and we love her even more after her Oscar win and gracious acceptance speech. MOVE ON, Sandra. You deserve way better than this dude.

Oh, and the chick he cheated with, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. There’s a ton of photos of her in the gallery. I’m not a tattoo hater or anything, but I think this chick looks kinda gutter trash. And by “kinda” I mean “excruciatingly.” But, then again, any chick who sells a story like this to a tabloid is gutter trash in my mind.

March 18, 2010 at 5:24 am by Evil Beet

17Sandy’s Playing Mom Full-Time to Her Hubby’s Kid

There was a hearing today in the unfortunately drawn-out custody battle between Jesse James and his ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder. Jesse and his wife Sandra Bullock will have full-custody Jesse’s daughter Sunny, and Janine, who is currently married to a man she met in a post-prison halfway house, will be able to speak to Sunny on the phone. This is probably not an arrangement that either party is entirely happy with, but it does seem to be the most healthy option for Sunny.

Jesse seemed particularly peeved at the ruling, because his ex is some kind of a maniac. He told the judge, ”She texts at least twice and up to 20 times a day, demanding to talk to Sunny. But sometimes she’ll go a week at a time where she doesn’t make a call.” He also mentioned that the nature of Janine’s conversations with Sunny are inappropriate for a young girl. “[Lindemulder] has no filter on what she tells [Sunny] about prison. There’s a lot of conversation about prison or jail and things that I don’t think a 6-year-old can comprehend or process.”

Jesse also went on to add that even though Janine claims she wants custody, and was even granted it for the Christmas holiday, she doesn’t follow through when she does get it. The last handful of times that Janine was supposed to see Sunny, she bailed at the last moment or never showed.

This is a sad story because you have to wonder about the mental health of a little girl who is exposed to such a monster of a mother. Six years old is old enough not to forget what you’re seeing and hearing, and if Janine is really talking to her about prison (and God knows what else from her sordid past), that’s just straight-up abuse in my opinion. Thankfully, it seems that Jesse and Sandy are truly dedicated to this little girl and keeping her safe. Hopefully Janine will clean up her act or give up before she causes any more damage to this adorable child.

February 2, 2010 at 12:32 pm by Molls
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