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Jesse James

Judge Agrees That Jesse James’ Little Girl Is Just As Safe With a Porn Star As She Is With Him

Jesse James has been fighting his ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, over their shared custody of their daughter Sunny for quite some time, but it looks like his efforts to keep his little girl away from his ex aren’t working anymore. Wow, it’s as if Jesse James has lost all credibility or something.

From RadarOnline:

After a session in closed chambers, Commissioner Thomas Schulte decided Janine would get interim visits until the next court hearing on July 12. He declined to say whether those would be monitored or not. However, when she left the court, Janine told that she was “happy” with the decision.

Lindemulder and James were at odds over the terms of her visits with Sunny. Janine wanted them to be unsupervised while Jesse preferred that the visits be monitored.

While I’d hope it’s not entirely true, it does seem like Jesse’s character being called into question in light of his cheating scandal and that Janine is being given a chance she doesn’t deserve. Jesse is absolutely right to keep his daughter away from her mother, who reportedly is completely and legitimately insane. Even though she and Jesse are no longer together, Sandra Bullock has said it’s important to her that his children stay in her life. Perhaps she’ll be able to provide some sort of support and balance for this little girl.

Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson Pulled a Madonna-Britney Last Night

So, did you watch last night’s MTV Movie Awards? I flipped back and forth between that and staring at the wall, because the wall was often more entertaining than the show itself (we just had our house perimeter re-mulched and there’s been an ant party in my house for the past few days, and I’ll tell you: it’s just been awesome), but I did catch the kiss between Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson. And though it was a bit contrived, I thought the gesture was cute. It was probably the best, cleanest action that Bullock’s gotten in a few months. Sorry, did I say that? … Yeah, I did. But it’s true.

I’m really glad for Sandra; not only did she receive the “Generation Award” award from the, uh, prestigious MTV Movie Awards committee, she’s coming back out of the woodwork to reclaim her rightful place in the spotlight and trying to put this whole miserable situation behind her. She’s totally a class act — even if she did smooch on my number 2 girl crush, I can forgive her — and I’m happy to see that nothing’s going to knock this super lady down. I also hope, with equal fervor, that Jesse James was watching from his garage, eating cheap Rite-Aid brand chocolates and weeping into the coverall-clad shoulders of his many friends employees. That one was just for you, baby.

The kiss is found at the 4:29 mark. Just about, anyway.

Sandra Bullock Makes Her First Post-Scandal Public Appearance

Sandy B made a surprise appearance at the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards last night. The actress won the “Troop’s Choice” award, meaning that she was voted the favorite actress of those currently serving our country. What a wonderful honor for Sandra to celebrate in light of all of her recent sadness.

Sandra looked gorgeous and asked the audience if she won because of her talent or because the public pitied her because of all the drama in her private life. The audience was quick to respond, “YOU! YOU!”, but you know Sandy’s always humble. It made me a little emotional, not going to lie.