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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Watch This: Jennifer Love Hewitt on ‘Kids Incorporated’

Ha! Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s dewy-eyed rendition of “Don’t Give Up.” Those bangs!

It’s pretty common knowledge that Jennifer Love Hewitt began her showbiz career with a role on “Kids Incorporated,” right? And then, by the tender age of 12, she was a Japanese pop star, to boot.

Back then, though, she was just Love Hewitt, which brings an entirely too literal meaning to the lyrics “I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name.”

I admit I never watched much “Kids Incorporated” back then, even though I fell pretty squarely into their primo demographic (musical theater and beginner’s jazz!), but now I remember why. This is a pretty uncomfortable video.

(Just for fun, you can also watch Fergie shimmy her way through a slightly sanitized version of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” over here.)

Love It or Leave It: Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Wrong Again

A photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks awful here. There, I said it. For those of you who still thought that Jennifer paid us to say good things about her, well, I hope you learned your lesson. For better or for worse, nobody tells us what to think, friends, and at this point in time, I think that Jennifer Love Hewitt needs to get out of that ridiculous hot 80′s mess of a frock and hop back into one of her beloved bandage dresses. Except wait … is this a bandage dress as well? Goddamnit, Jennifer! Where did you leave your shame this time?

On a related note, Jennifer is currently working on producing and starring in a television series on Lifetime based on her Lifetime movie, The Client List. Is anybody going to be tuning into that mess?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sure Does Love That Bandage-Dress Look, Huh?

photo of jennifer love hewitt weight loss bandage dress pictures 2011 photo

I know you guys are probably going to, like, drop dead because you’ve run across a post that *isn’t* completely boning Jennifer Love Hewitt, and rightfully so. I mean, it’s obvious that both she and LeAnn Rimes own stock in this site, and we never ever have anything else of real value to do aside from talk about these two women, so it’s probably going to come as quite a shock that we’re here (OK; I’m here) talking smack about the woman I’ve professed to love time and time and time (and time) again.

But the dress? The above photo is from a recent premiere, which she attended, and where she looked gorgeous. But something seemed off to me, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I decided to go back through the extensive Jennifer Love Hewitt history we have here on Evil Beet, and I realized why: she has the same exact dress, just in red. See for yourself:

photo of jennifer love hewitt red bandage dress 2011 pics

It’s not that I’m really knocking her (I just don’t have it in my cold soul to do it), it’s just that … OK. Jen, Lovey, this dress just isn’t that great. It’s definitely no shapeless sack of glitter, and that’s good, but there’s much, much better looks to go for if you want to buy something in multiple primary colors.