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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Used to Have Social Anxiety

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is pretty great – she’s refreshingly honest and funny and doesn’t mind sharing the embarrassing parts of her life. Her most recent admission is that she suffered from “a kind of social anxiety” as a kid and felt out of place in school.

From Madame Figaro:

“My nickname was ‘Nitro’ as in nitroglycerin. I was hyperactive, curious about everything.

“When my mother told me about my childhood, she always told me there was like a light in me, a spark that inspired me constantly. When I entered school, the light went out. We never knew what it was, a kind of social anxiety. But I had friends.”

Well, that definitely sounds like someone who’s arrogant, eh? Yes, that’s sarcasm. I’m glad Jennifer is so forthcoming about stuff like this, but I also hate that the press latches on to things like this because HELLO, who didn’t feel out of place in school? Seriously, please give me an actual percentage of kids who loved going to school every day and thought it was an awesome and fulfilling experience. Hell no – it was awful, but we did it because that’s part of the experience of growing up.

Good to see Jennifer isn’t so shy anymore, anyway.

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Joan Rivers Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Is “Arrogant”, JLaw Remains Awesome


Jennifer Lawrence is excellent in so many ways, one of which being her outspoken nature. In particular, she’s always been vocal about how bullshit it is that women are pressured to be stick thin in Hollywood and how she refuses to diet because she likes food too much and thinks it’s better to look strong than like a stick figure (unless, of course, that’s your natural shape).

However, apparently her thoughtfulness about the terrible standards set for women in the industry really rankled Joan Rivers, as JLaw took a shot at E!’s Fashion Police for the way it plays into this trend. Come on, ya miserable old bitch, let’s see what you’ve got to say:

I mean, let’s be frank. Did Jennifer Lawrence actually “love” Fashion Police? And when did she not have a movie to promote? Somehow, I think this is all bullshit. Being pleasant to your face and not a total cunt when she’s got promotion to do is good manners. If she’d met you and started calling you an awful cow to your face, you’d have had a go at her for that, too. Ugh, I’m not Jennifer’s biggest fan or anything close, but Joan Rivers needs to learn when to shut the hell up. The woman literally never has anything nice to say about anyone or anything (and LOL, I know one of you will point out the shit I say on this site, but I’m not even going to justify that with a response). She’s just rude – and not even funny about it like Kathy Griffin.

On a side note, JLaw warmed the hearts of many again on Monday night at Catching Fire‘s London premiere, where she comforted a young fan in a wheelchair that she saw crying, pushing aside a barricade to give her a hug, wrap her back up in her blanket, take a picture with her and talk for a moment. What a sweetie.

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Jennifer Lawrence Got a Pixie Cut!

jennifer lawrence

Whoa, Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair! I’m not quite sure what made her make the decision, but here we are. Pixie cuts seem to be all the rage these days – Pam Anderson went there, too, as you’ll remember! – so  go for it, I suppose! I think it really suits her, as well. I mean, I do think it’s a bit of a “mature” haircut for such a young girl, to be honest, but she still looks really nice.

I once cut my hair REALLY short about 10 years ago and I hated it. Growing it out is a bitch, too. Now I have long hair but I don’t really do much with it besides put it up in a sloppy bun, so maybe she felt the same and got tired of it. Who knows… but what do you think? Too much? Just right for her?

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Jennifer Lawrence Is In a Long Distance Relationship With Everyone

jennifer lawrence

Being famous must be kinda ass. I mean, I know there’s the millions of dollars and people throwing free shit at you in the hopes that you’ll promote their brand, but you pretty much have zero personal life and never get to see the people you love except during rare breaks. People get jealous, people sell your ass out, nothing you do is private… no thanks, I’ll pass. All the money in the world isn’t worth that bullshit.

Jennifer Lawrence has experienced all of that firsthand since skyrocketing to fame these past few years, and she thinks what I do: it all kinda sucks.

From Look magazine:

“There are obviously sacrifices with any job, but with this particular one, you’re in a long-distance relationship with pretty much everybody in your life – your family, your friends.

“It’s kind of hard to keep things consistent; you make your home wherever you’re going. It’s very hard sometimes, it’s a very lonely life, but at the same time the film crew becomes your family.”

Yeah, that’s gotta be tough. At the same time, it’s hard to feel too sympathetic since no one holds a gun to anyone’s head and MAKES them be famous. If you get fed up, you leave Hollywood, move to the sticks in middle America (or even the suburbs of a coastal city) and live your life out of the limelight. Ta da! I think fame probably becomes slightly addicting, as does success and acknowledgment… and money, of course. That’s what would motivate me, to be honest. I know, I know, there’s “the love of the craft”, but how many people in Hollywood are REALLY there for that reason? Come on.

I do love Jennifer Lawrence, though!

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What Do We Think Of Jennifer Lawrence’s Minimal Makeup Dior Ads?


Jennifer Lawrence, everyone’s favorite everything, is the new face of Dior and we’re seeing a new face of hers in Dior’s latest ads that show Ms. Lawrence in minimal makeup and menswear inspired clothing. The first Dior ad was also light on makeup and rather gorgeous. This campaign is a lot moodier and a little more androgynous. What do we think?

I don’t see how anyone could call her “fat” after seeing these.

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Someone Called Jennifer Lawrence Fat

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is awesome and pretty much the world’s best friend, so it might make you mad to know that once upon a time, some Hollywood asshole told her she was too fat and that she needed to drop a few pounds or else risk getting fired from a job. Lovely, eh?

From Harper’s Bazaar:

“I was young. It was just the kind of shit that actresses have to go through.

“Somebody told me I was fat, that I was going to get fired if I didn’t lose a certain amount of weight.

“They brought in pictures of me where I was basically naked, and told me to use them as motivation for my diet.”

“[People think] that because of the way my career had gone, it wouldn’t still hurt me. That somehow, after I won an Oscar, I’m above it all.”

“‘You really still care about that?’ Yeah. I was a little girl. I was hurt. It doesn’t matter what accolades you get.”I know it’ll never happen to me again. If anybody even tries to whisper the word ‘diet’, I’m like, ‘You can go f**k yourself’.”

Now, Jennifer is gorgeous and IN NO WAY FAT, but of course you can never be thin enough in Hollywood, so this isn’t at all surprising. But seriously, why are people such dickheads? Anyway, I guess she got the last laugh (even though she obviously has lost weight/got super in shape, but that’s sorta by happenstance given her Hunger Games role)… it’s just unfortunate that this body image shit will never change.

jennifer lawrence harper's bazaar 2

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Open Post: Here’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Campaign + TGIF!

jennifer lawrence dior

These images have been floating around for the past couple of days, I’m aware (before one of you undoubtedly points out how you saw this on such-and-such site earlier this week), but considering it’s a lovely Friday evening and Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, does any of that really matter? No, no it doesn’t. Especially since this isn’t really a post about Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior campaign, but rather an “open post” where you can discuss what you like (so long as that’s not, like, mass murder or child pornography or something awful).

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Are there any good movies out? My most exciting piece of news is that I took my air conditioner (window unit) out today and am now living on fresh air alone. Fall is really coming!

That’s all I’ve got, but talk amongst yourselves, etc. I know a lot of you have often referenced the sense of community you felt with each other here, so this is an open forum to do your thing (not that you can’t in other posts, but you get my drift).