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Jennifer Hudson

This Blind Item About A Shrinking Actress Should Be Easy

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I can’t decide if I love it or hate it when blind items are super easy to guess. Like, hm, which celebrity couple could this be about? Gosh, I wonder! Blind Gossip gives us this item via Downfront 2:

This Oscar Winner may be losing her man because he is not happy with her weight loss.

Now at first this sounds like it could be about pretty much any Oscar winning actress, since it’s so vague and actresses are known to lose weight. Buuut I think it’s most likely about Jennifer Hudson, considering her Weight Watchers deal.

And there’s also this from Showbizspy:

JENNIFER Hudson‘s fiance isn’t happy about her weight loss.

David Otunga misses the curva­ceous beauty he fell for when they met five years ago — and he wants her back!

“Jennifer’s weight has been an issue between them ever since she lost her first big chunk of weight in 2010,” a source said.

“When they met, she was a happy, proud, healthy woman who loved food and embraced every aspect of life with so much enthusiasm.

“Now she takes up to four hours to get ready when they go out, and she gets stressed out every time she puts a morsel of food in her mouth.

“David tells her he thinks she’s beautiful no matter what size she is, but he misses the down-to-earth ‘I don’t care’ Jen.

“Every meal is a pain in the butt, and he’s starting to feel totally sidelined by her obses­sion with her weight.”

Ms. Hudson is also allegedly working on another deal — as a judge on American Idol.

Who’s your guess for this item?

Is Jennifer Hudson Headed to ‘American Idol’?

jennifer hudson

Rumour on the street is that Jennifer Hudson may be heading to American Idol next season to replace either Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey. Which one doesn’t matter since both of them are probably getting the boot, but whatever. If you remember, Jennifer came in 8th place or something a few seasons back and has gone on to star in and get an Oscar for Dreamgirls and lose a lot of weight. She also had a few good tracks – ‘Spotlight’ was my shit back in the day, to be honest – but generally, that’s about all she’s notable for in my mind.

From Vulture:

Well, that was fast: Barely a day after Vulture broke the news that Fox was mulling an all-alumni panel of judges for American Idol, with Jennifer Hudson among the names being discussed, there may already be some movement on that front. There’s buzz around Hollywood that Hudson and Fox may have already started talks about her joining the show; one source tells us the deal is essentially “done.” As always, Fox won’t comment. And buzz even from people familiar with the situation does not always lead to deals, as we noted yesterday. But the idea of Idol alumni as judges may not be a dream after all.

If we’re going for an all-alumni panel, why not bring back Carrie Underwood (if she would even lower herself down onto this sinking ship at this point, that is)? The best they’ll probably get is like, Ace Young or Alison Iraheta. Yes, I’m a sicko and I know these people’s names. WHATEVER.

Anyway, producers better make sure JHud’s cup is filled with DIET Coke. Don’t make homegirl lose her Weight Watchers endorsement deal, now.

Jennifer Hudson Loves Being Skinny And How Popular She Is Because of It

Jennifer Hudson

Good for Jennifer Hudson, you know? She was unhappy with her weight (more like others were unhappy with her weight and she was in Hollywood and wanted to get roles that weren’t for token “big girls”, but whatever) and decided to slim down and get healthy. The big money deal from Weight Watchers certainly didn’t hurt, either, and before we knew it, a new, 80lb lighter JHud emerged.

All that’s fine and well – ladies of all shapes and sizes are great and our differences are what make us unique. The problem is that she just won’t shut the fuck up about it: how hard it is NOT to lose weight now that she’s skinny, how much more she loves wearing heels, how much of an inspiration she is to fatties, how disappointed she is in those who don’t follow in her footsteps, yada yada… Seriously, stuff a sock in it, lady.

From The Huffington Post:

What’s the hardest part of keeping the weight off?
What gets hard is when I get underweight, or under my goal weight, and then I have to eat, eat, eat. But you don’t want to lose control because you stopped checking points to maintain your weight. So it actually gets harder when you have to let your guard down. And that’s part of keeping the weight off — okay, how can I get back to my target weight, and let go, and not fall off the plan? The key is not to fall off the plan, to trust the plan and continue to do it. It’s tricky.

What’s your biggest indulgence now?
I love chocolate chip cookies. And right now, I’m a huge fan of the Snickers ice cream bars, because it’s only five points. And then I can have chocolate, ice cream and nuts, but it’s almost not cheating until I go over.

What’s the most unexpected way your life has changed since losing 80 pounds?
Becoming a role model. When people say, “I want to get my J. Hud on” or they want to go to the gym, and I’m the role model for what they want to look like. It’s like, really? How did that happen, to go from not being that person to being that person? And also, to be magnified, versus before nobody was checking to see every single detail, and now it’s like every single detail, which adds a whole lot more pressure than before. So, it’s huge placement to step into.

What’s one thing you couldn’t wear before that you wear now?
You know what? Heels. I was just having a conversation about it. Normally, I would take my shoes off on the red carpet because my feet hurt so bad. And it was the weight. But now that’s all I’m wearing. It used to be flats, now it’s all heels. So, that’s a drastic change.

Jennifer Hudson comes off as mad unlikeable, I gotta be honest. Again, let me be clear – there isn’t anything wrong with being proud of yourself for overcoming an obstacle, getting to your definition of healthy (because there’s health at all sizes, duh), etc. The problem is when you just drone on and on about it like it’s the only thing that defines you. In fact, I can’t remember anything she’s done since starring in Dreamgirls besides this weight loss shit.

Also, it’s fine and well that it was relatively easy for you to lose weight, but that’s not everyone’s experience. If being skinny was easy, no one would choose to be fat. Maybe it was difficult for Jennifer and she’s underplaying it in hindsight, because you know homegirl probably cried one night when she realised she couldn’t just sit and eat a double cheeseburger since she had her daily limit of points. All I’m saying here is, we should be promoting health here, not thinness. If Jennifer was spouting off at the mouth about how she got healthy – rather than she got skinny – I would find her far less annoying. Whatever, I’m going to go get some chocolate.