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Jennifer Garner

Mommy and Me!

Good mommy Jennifer Garner takes daughter Violet Affleck to the park on Tuesday. They were joined by Violet’s soon-to-be brother or sister, who’s busting out of Jen’s stomach. Silly Jen. Why drag your kid all the way to the park? Everyone knows that toddlers much prefer to play with packs of Marlboros.

Jennifer Garner UterusWatch

Here’s five-months-pregnant Jen Garner hanging out in LA, trying to hide her baby bump with a shopping bag, but forgetting that the photogs are wise to that old trick by now — they get the side shot. Aw, Jennifer Garner’s so adorable! I wonder what she’ll name this new kiddo. Fuschia? [Image via Splash]

Where’s Ben?

I kid, I kid. After spending the better part of the day shooting down rumors that she and Ben are divorcing (which we didn’t report here because they were bullshit), Jennifer Garner takes her adorable kiddo, Violet, and her wedding ring out shopping in Brentwood. Violet has a boo-boo on her knee!!!! How freakin’ cute is that? I love...

Cute Kid

There are a lot of times in life where someone shows you pictures of their kid and you think “yeah, whatever.” But in this case Jennifer Garner has a legitimately cute daughter. So we’re running with that angle.