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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston On How To Look Like A Stripper

jennifer aniston stripper we're the millers

Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper (FINALLY, AM I RIGHT???) in her latest film, We’re The Millers. Despite the fact that we hear pretty much weekly that Ms. Anison has a “killer beach bod” (when we’re not hearing about how “pregnant” she is) we’re regularly updated that no, really, seriously you guys, Jennifer Aniston is really hot. I gotta say, for a 44 year-old woman ANY WOMAN she looks toned and tight and suck on that, Brad. She and her trainer tell us what’s up. From People:

I’ve always been in shape but I could never get rid of that little saddle bag and it was miraculous how it sort of melted away. (Aniston)

[Personal trainer] Ingber says that their three-day-a-week yoga practice helps keep the star’s body sculpted, from a holistic approach to fitness to healthy, organic eating. “Who doesn’t want longer legs?! She is very feminine, yet toned,” Ingber tells PEOPLE. “Athletic and slim.” And she recommends a move from her book to get similarly killer legs, which combines yoga’s Temple Pose with plié squats, finishing with 10 pulses at the bottom of the plié.

Cool, so basically we’re given no real info aside from the usual, “organic eating” and pilates/yoga clusterf-ck. TELL ME YOUR GODDAMN SECRETS, JENNIFER.

jennifer aniston stripping we're the millers underwear

Introducing Jennifer Aniston: Relationship Counselor

will forte jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Will Forte became friends on the set of their upcoming Jackie Brown prequel The Switch, and it’s no surprise that during their downtime between scenes, conversations turned to Jennifer’s specialty: break-ups! You see, Will went through a particularly bad one during shooting, and it was Jennifer who was there to salve his wounds and get him back on his feet.

From Yahoo! OMG:

In fact, Jen even helped him pick up the pieces when his real-life relationship fell apart during filming.

“I was going through a breakup at the time and she was so giving and really helped me through it,” the 42-year-old actor admitted to omg!. “I cannot say enough good about her. She was just a fantastic person … She was a delight to act with as much as a delight to get to know.”

I’m sorta glad Will said this, since Jen gets a pretty harsh rep of like, not talking to anyone ever and being a bit of a handful. And I’m glad she could be there for Will. Hopefully he sees that things can eventually work out. Or something.

Jennifer Aniston Is “Spontaneous”, Still Doesn’t Have a Wedding Dress

justin theroux jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux might be ready to tie the knot soon, but that doesn’t mean the wedding planning is in the bag. In fact, quite the opposite – it hasn’t really started. Before the peanut gallery chimes in, it’s not because the ceremony is never going to happen and is a total disaster waiting to happen, okay? It’s just Jen’s spontaneous side!

From Life & Style:

“I don’t have a dress,” she said. “I like to be very spontaneous.”

A vision of Jennifer as a blushing bride, complete with a gown for her milestone marriage is “something that will probably come together at the last minute” says the actress.

When asked about planning, Jen wouldn’t dish too much, only offering a reply that it “might make me crazy.”

Yay for procrastination! I mean, a wedding ceremony (especially when you’re a celebrity) isn’t really something you can half-ass, but I admire Jen’s dedication to putting shit off ’til the last possible second. And who knows, maybe that’ll be the secret to success.