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Jennie Garth

Love It or Leave It: Jennie Garth’s Electric Banana Bikini

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See this picture? This is what Jennie Garth has been doing since her split with Peter Facinelli. That, and possibly having sex with former co-star, Luke Perry, which still completely tickles in all the right places when I think about it.

Yes, it must be nice to be able to frolick and play and date decidedly-still-hot former heartthrobs while your loser of an ex-husband is doing nothing much these days—except prepping for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere, which is sure to not be focused on him whatsoever.

See? It’s true: what goes around, comes around.

Jennie’s bikini—

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Dylan and Kelly Have Reunited!

photo of jennie garth and luke perry pictures reunited
Or if the Beverly Hills 90210 reference is a little dated for you, it’s Luke Perry and Jennie Garth, together again! … Because they used to work together, you know.

From Us Weekly, Jennie spills that she and former co-star, Luke Perry, are working together to write a sitcom, and she’s looking forward to it because they “really love each other”:

“We want to work together again because we really love each other and it would be nice to spend time together working. It’s a good day at work when you’re with people you know and that you like.”

First of all, the nineties fangirl in me would just f-cking squee all over the place if these two ended up hooking up, because come on. What, in the nineties, was hotter than the idea of Kelly and Dylan *really* hooking up (aside from Brenda and Kelly, like, I don’t know … mud-wrestling over Dylan or something)? I’m not going to say that this sitcom idea is the best in the world or anything, because I’m not really sure these two have it in ‘em to be writing a hit television series, but hey. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and move right on.

On a related note, remember how we were talking about Jennie losing so much weight after her split with Peter Facinelli? According to girlfriend, it was all lost because of diet and exercise, and not so much heartbreak:

“I’m just taking care of myself: Eating less, exercising more, drinking a lot of coconut water. I eat a lot of Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt in the morning, salads and proteins the rest of the day and maybe a cupcake if I’ve been a good girl. I don’t believe in depriving yourself of things you want.”

And this girl does want Dylan McKay Luke Perry back, right? Because Lord knows, I think she can get him if she wants him—and if that picture up top—that completely and utterly blissed-out looking picture—is any indication, then I’d definitely go ahead and say that they’ll probably be sleeping together before the year’s out.

That Divorce Did a Number on Jennie Garth

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Oh girl. Girl. I’m feeling your pain. Seriously. It’s so obvious that you’re hurting over this divorce with that stupid, stupid Peter Facinelli, and unlike some other blogs that’ve run these photos, I don’t think you’re losing this weight as a “Hey, watch me turn over a new leaf and look all good and stuff as revenge against my ex-husband,” because I just know that you’re all torn up about this divorce. It shows in everything you’ve done and in every public statement you’ve made since Peter basically announced that he was sick of your ass and moving on to different things.

See, one time I dated this real, real big dick of a guy, and I was just so stressed out all the time. Seriously. I let this dude get the best of my self-esteem and my trust, and it just resulted in a nervous stomach, sleepless nights, and an eventual loss of twenty pounds that I kind of needed to be considered in the lower part of that “healthy” weight range bracket thing. I finally separated myself from the situation, and girl, it was a long time ago (ten years, believe it or not), but I still haven’t forgotten how to recognize a lady going through the same kind of situation.

Chin up, Jennie. Like everything else, this’ll pass, too.