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Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer Is Injured!


Worse yet, guys, she’s married!

The Office star Jenna Fischer won’t be going back to Buddakan any time soon. The pretty brunette was celebrating her series being renewed Monday night with friends when she slipped on the restaurant’s marble steps and fractured four bones in her back. A friend said she spent the night in St. Vincent’s hospital and had to cancel an appearance on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and a Harper’s Bazaar shoot. Fischer’s rep, Lewis Kay, said yesterday she’s “doing much better and is resting at her hotel. Her husband [director James Gunn] flew in to be with her.”

Pictures of Jenna and her hubby in more mobile days below.


jenna_husband.jpg jenna_husband1.jpg

That Chick From The Office Almost Naked

Jenna Fischer is very fun in my opinion. Wired Magazine must agree because they threw her on the cover.


Okay, it’s really not a big deal because she’s not showing as much skin as me walking around on “leather night,” but still, it should get her some buzz. Now all we need to do is get our gal into some rom-coms. Here’s the pic:


Still Loving Some Tina Fey

Here’s a nice small interview with Tina Fey from 30 Rock and Jenna Fischer from The Office. They both seem to be that rare example of smart, funny, attractive gals (just like our own EvilB and EvilT).

Some of the better quotes: (On losing in the ratings)

Tina Fey: Now we’re just going to get our asses handed to us by Grey’s Anatomy. But that’s classier, I think. It’s like getting dumped by a really handsome guy.


TV Guide: You appeared on People magazine’s Most Beautiful list this year.
Jenna: I was 32nd most beautiful. I counted.
Tina: Wow. In the world?
Jenna: The whole planet.

Fun stuff, and both shows are worth watching so long as you are rocking the dual tuner TiVo.

Editor’s Note: Expect some slow news days coming up, so we may end up talking about what I should get people for Christmas around here.