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Katy Perry’s Doing Infomercials Now

Aight, aight. So she’s not doing Sham-WOW spots or anything. Katy Perry, along with Avril Lavigne and Jenna Fischer , has signed on to endorse Proactiv Solution. You know, the acne treatment program that my high school boyfriend used to combat the backne he got from his hockey pads. Supposedly everyone uses it and loves it and wants to endorse it. Other celebrities Proactiv has been able to nab throughout the years include Jessica Simpson, Diddy, Vanessa Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt. That’s pretty good company.

The great thing about these commercials is that they are always run back to back in long chunks on cable, so they play out like infomercials. First you see Jessica Simpson blabbing on about how her skin is like, totally clear and then Diddy comes on and he’s talking about “moisturizing his situation”. They’re kind of fun to watch, even if I’ll never use the product because I was blessed with nearly flawless skin.

Jenna Fischer’s Off the Market … Again

The recurring red carpet nightmare, who divorced her husband last September, revealed to People that she’s had a serious boyfriend since January.

His name is Lee Kirk, and he’s apparently a writer, although he doesn’t seem to have written anything much of note. He wrote the 2004 snoozer The Women — no, not the Meg Ryan one. This one starred — you guessed it! — Jenna Fischer.

“We met through mutual friends,” she says. “We’ve actually known each other for a long time. He went to college with an old friend of mine.”

Hm. I wonder if this guy had anything to do with her divorce …

I’m Sorry, But Jenna Fischer Looks Like Crap Here

Jenna Fischer on Red Carpet for Walk Hard Premiere

I thought long and hard before writing this article, because the office is staffed almost entirely by fervent Jenna Fischer admirers, and I like my job a lot, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

And in this case, it’s calling Jenna Fischer out for looking like crap on the red carpet.

I like you, Jenna. I do. But, woman to woman, this look does not work. And you’re single now, so you have to be looking good!!!

(I know, I know. I bought my one-way ticket to feminist hell long ago. I’ve made my peace with it.)

I mean, forget about the Girl Next Door; Jenna looks like the Housewife Next Door. And not MILF-style, either. That dress was a horrible choice for her complexion — and speaking of complexion, have you ever heard of a tanning salon, Jenna? They’re open even in winter. And if you’re going to wear that awful drape of a dress, you cannot wear dark red nail polish.

And I’m trying to figure out in what decade that hair would have been appropriate, and the answer is never. The decade of never, Jenna.

Plus she looks absolutely miserable to be there.

Please don’t fire me. :)

Jenna Fischer on Red Carpet for Walk Hard Premiere Jenna Fischer on Red Carpet for Walk Hard Premiere