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The trailer for ‘The Giver’ is here, and it looks great

meryl streep

Y’all know how much it annoys me that all we seem to do is make movies out of books instead of producing original cinema content, but I can’t really argue with an adaptation of The Giver, because it’s a classic and also, the movie looks REALLY good. How can you really go wrong when you manage to get Meryl Streep? And Jeff Bridges! (And don’t forget Taylor Swift! LOL)

You see my point.

In any case, the first full theatrical trailer is here and I can’t wait to see this! I think it looks suspenseful, exciting and really interesting. I don’t know that I’ve ever really used the word “suspenseful” in any serious context before in my life, but here we are.

What do you think? Will you see The Giver? Do your remember reading the book?

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Watch: ‘The Giver’ trailer is here!

When Meryl Streep is in a film, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to be amazing… as long as you don’t count Mama Mia. Such is the case with The Giver, Weinstein Co.’s reimagining of the classic Lewis Lowry book. It’s also got Jeff Bridges and, less impressively, Katie Holmes.

The Giver won’t be out until August 15th, but here’s the first trailer. What do we think so far?

Tee Hee: Jennifer Lawrence Is Super Awkward Around Celebrities

jennifer lawrence jeff bridges

Jennifer Lawrence is basically everyone’s BFF or the girl they wish was their BFF or their girlfriend or a combination of the two or BASICALLY SHE IS LOVED BY EVERYONE. Even I love her – I think she’s a great actress, she seems pretty chill and she’s not afraid to be a bit of a dork. However, I worry for her because I feel like she could fall into the ever-popular trap of being so praised for being “quirky” that she plays that characteristic up to remain loved/continue getting positive attention and reenforcement.

Take this interview with Extra, for example (start the vid at 2:30) – Jennifer has chatted about The Hunger Games, and some of her co-stars in the film have also praised her talent and how great she is, etc. Then, Extra is talking to Jeff Bridges and Jennifer freaks her beans and comes running over, gushing over him and how much she loves The Big Lebowski and all that. Jeff Bridges is a cool dude (one might say THE Dude…. yeaaaaaahhhh!) and takes it all pretty well, even though she asks him his favourite movie he’s ever been in and he starts talking about seeing someone else’s movie. Then he sorta gives her an up and down “I’d fuck you if you were into it” look as he tells her it’s good to see her and she sorta trots off with her assistant. I mean… whatever.