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Jason Trawick

4More on the Britney Spears Weave Watch

photo of britney spears looking a bit rough with her busted weave photos pictures

OK. I know we all have varying opinions of Britney Spears ranging from ‘goddess’ to ‘psychopath’ to ‘dribbling, drooling mental patient,’ but there’s one thing that you can’t deny, one thing that we’ve all just got to be on the same page about: the nastiness of her stinking, tangled weave.

Uh, still.

Britney was photographed yesterday in LA grabbing a sweet treat and donning what looks like … I don’t even know. I’ve written about this botched weave in so many other posts that I’ve used up all of my good analogies. It looks like fucking hell, is what it does. End of story, minus the frilly words.

And her boyfriend, Jay-Jay Trawick? Unless he totally gets off over ‘running’ his fingers through his girl’s hair during foreplay (only to find an entire grape PushPop stuck in there somewhere), he’s just as much to blame when it comes to the couple’s failing joint hygiene standards.

September 20, 2010 at 6:05 am by Sarah

4Britney Has Gas

photo of britney spears pumping gas

“Has gas,” “gets gas,” what’s the difference. Potato, potahto. Either way, the latest photos captured of the fallen-from-angelic-grace pop star look pretty great.

Britney was photographed earlier in the week, gassing up her V8 monster with off-again, on-again boyfriend Jason Trawick. Brit wore this pink dress (I think I have the same one in coral), and her smile looked pretty genuine.

You look alright, Brit. I’m still not going to go to Kohl’s (… where?) in order to buy your craptastic clothes, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here by saying that maybe your clothes-creating endeavor worked out well for your happiness and your state of mind. If things that keep you busy keep you happy and sane, do it up, girl. I’m on your side for all things good.

PS — I love the dress. But yeah, you’re right: I might be bit biased.

June 30, 2010 at 7:33 am by Sarah

7Is Jason Trawick Stupid Enough to Cheat on Britney Spears?

photo of britney spears and boyfriend jason trawick

Star magazine seems to think so, but rumors have been churning through other media outlets, too. Star “exclusively” reports that Britney’s former caretaker-assistant-cum-boyfriend has a wandering eye, with a meandering penis to match:

“Jason has been cheating on Britney with [actress] Jessica [Steindorff] from the beginning of their relationship,” said one insider. “He has deceived Britney with his lies for too long, and somebody needs to tell her the truth, even if it hurts. He was always telling Jessica that he had broken up with Britney so it was OK that they were sleeping together.”

So, do you really think — despite how hard it might be to “handle” Ms. Spears at given points in time — Trawick would be dumb enough to screw around on such a revered international superstar? Though, you know, it might be kind of tough to put up with some intermittent craziness and down-home, uh, practices, Trawick would probably be best suited to stick with Brit, don’t you think? And in spite of her craziness, who wouldn’t want to hit that, just based on what she used to be like during her Justin Timberbumpin’ days? She’s a living legend; it was probably similar to when the Hanson boys got married to their “fans.” All three of them, I believe, met their significant others through various concert venues and all of the wives were hardcore fans or whatever, so I guess it’s kind of similar, right?

The Hanson brothers, past their tween prime, realized that it was as probably as good as it was going to get and that they may as well just latch on to the hottest fans they could, before they started to outgrow them, right? Their girls, who were probably stoked to be hooking up with the Hansons, are probably looking back fondly on those early days (even before they met and married), thinking back on what huge stars their husbands used to be. Whether or not their former star power will continue to be a lifelong appeal will remain to be seen, but I think that’s probably where Jason Trawick is right now.

And he’d be effing stupid to give that kind of notoriety up.

June 10, 2010 at 7:26 am by Sarah

8And Where Have You Been, Little Lamb?

photo of blonde britney spears getting into a car with messy matted hair

I see a blonde, bra-ed, Britney leaving a hair salon* in Beverly Hills sans boyfriend/former-employee Jason Trawick. And you know what? Though she’s smiling, and looking so much better than she did, say, two years ago (or even a year ago, when she was menstruating all over designer dresses), she doesn’t look well. I mean, check out the weave for one (and didn’t her hair grow back yet? For crying out loud). It’s totally disheveled and almost kinda matted on the one side. Matted! How horrible for her!

You know, there was this girl that used to live in an alleyway near my house when I was a kid, and there was something wrong with her. I’m not saying that to dig on this girl, I’m saying something was “wrong” because there was and no one knew what it was, so no one was able to identify it when she’d come up in conversation. Everyone just said, “something wrong.” She didn’t go to school. Like, at all. Not home school, not private school, not public school. And she didn’t talk, either. (At least to anyone within anyone’s earshot when they saw her in public with what most assumed to be her aunt or mom or something, who was equally as … uh, different.) She kind of grunted, really. And she didn’t look all that good, either, just on a health side of the house. She was my age, but looked as if she’d never seen the light of day — her face was so pale and bloodless, it was almost translucent. Really. If she didn’t look so ring-eyed sickly, God love her, her complexion would have been almost breathtakingly gorgeous. She had the brightest blue eyes (quite beautiful, actually) you’d ever see and a thick head of tangled, matted blonde hair. And I mean matted. Like, “hasn’t taken a brush or a comb or even fingers to the hair in twelve years” kind of matted. I know it was mean, but I didn’t know her name; she never spoke to me, or anyone else, but I’d call her “Mat-head” when referring to her. (You know, kind of like, “Hey, Mom, I saw Mat-head at the store today. She still didn’t get a haircut.” … and really, give me a break; I was literally, like, seven or eight years old.)

Anyway, when I saw these photos of Brit today, another ghost of my past ran barefoot through my head again. Where are you, Mat-head? Whatever happened to you?

*Uh, yes, you read that right. A hair salon.

May 26, 2010 at 6:32 am by Sarah

34Britney’s a “Prodigy”, Smacks Her Bitch Up?

Exclusive eyewitness at X17 claim that Britney is bludgeoning her boyfriend, Jason Trawick. The incident occurred earlier this week when Brit and Jason were traveling in a vehicle and had pulled over to, well, fight. The source states that Britney was seen “slapping and hitting” Jason in the face during an argument in the parked car. The photographer that witnessed the incident claimed that Britney hit Jason directly in the face five or six times and claimed that they had “never seen anything like it.” The photographer states:

“Britney was really upset. It looked like she was taking out years of frustration on Jason when she was hitting him. It wasn’t like this was anger from one incident. It looks like she hates the guy! Why would you do that to someone you love?”

The Enquirer and In Touch are now spinning the story, speculating as to why Britney’s flipped out again. The Enquirer states that Britney went apeshit when Trawick denied her marriage proposal:

An enraged Britney Spears punched her boyfriend-watchdog Jason Trawick in the face after he flatly refused her plea to get married, an insider tells The Enquirer.

The 28-year-old pop star believes tying the knot is the best tactic to terminate her father’s conservatorship over her affairs, according to sources. But Jason, 38, balked at her marriage talk during a meeting with her lawyers, sending Britney into a rage.

“Britney thought getting married would be a good strategy to bring an end to her father’s conservatorship, but Jason wasn’t on board with it at all,” divulged the insider.

“Britney has begged Jason to marry her, and he’s repeatedly told her no. When the meeting with her lawyers didn’t go her way, it put Britney in a horrible mood.”

After the meeting – a seething Britney and Jason – a William Morris agent who was hired by her father Jamie Spears to monitor her – headed to Barneys to shop, said the insider.

“Britney walked into Barneys hopping mad, and wanted Jason to buy her almost everything she saw,” said the insider. “Even worse, she treated Jason like a servant in front of the store’s staff, and he got increasingly irritated.”

When Jason told Britney that they had to head home, she blew up, said the source.

“She started cursing him and threatened to end his career,” said the source.

“Jason quickly led Britney out of the store and she got behind the wheel of her car, a white Mercedes SUV. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, and as she drove off, she started to slap, hit and punch Jason.”

When she finally stopped pummeling him, a stunned Jason announced that he was quitting his job as her minder, said the source.

Sources at X17 confirm the story, only this time, they’ve got a key eyewitness to back it up instead of relying on rags like the Enquirer to back up their sometimes-futile claims.

If this is true in any case, poor Jason. And poor Britney. We’ve all seen that violence is so not a way to deal with domestic issues, but sometimes the demons of humans get the best of them, anyway, and these are the kinds of reapings that we end up with. Way sad.

April 16, 2010 at 7:12 am by Sarah

16Britney Spears and Her Agent BF May Not Be Toast

It was reported earlier this week that Britney Spears and her man Jason Trawick were dunzo, but that might not be the case. According to sources close to to Britney, Jason was seen over at her place this past weekend and the supposedly-off couple was also spotted at an LA hotel together.

According to the source, they’re doing the “on/off” thing, which I’m sure we all know is probably totally (not) healthy for Spears, whose prone to acting all kinds of unstable. The source continued on to say,”Most everyone else abandoned her, but Jason refused to be completely cut out of Britney’s life. He’s very protective of her.”

Damn. Britney’s come so far this past year. Her dad Jamie’s roll in her life has worked wonders. I hope that she’s able to kick the sometimes-boyfriend before things get really messy and sticks close to her pops.

March 17, 2010 at 5:05 pm by Molls
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