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Jason Lee

Earl Ex is Still Completely Wigged By Scientology — Eight Years Later

Jason Lee’s ex-wife, Carmen Llywellyn, claims that she’s still haunted by the ghosts of Scientology past that tormented her during the couple’s seven-year union.

Carmen speaks out in an exclusive interview with the National Enquirer and spills the beans on the cult that we’ve all come to associate with Tom Cruise and other illustrious celebrities like Peaches Geldof, Chaka Khan, Juliette Lewis and Charles Manson.

Lee’s ex states that she joined the Church of Scientology after she and Lee were married in 1995 and had nothing but issues with the “church” from the time she joined to even after the two’s divorce had become finalized in 2002. Llywellyn claims that the church was behind a “series of bizarre encounters with Scientologist celebrities” and multiple harassment incidents.

To the Enquirer, Llywellyn states:

“I have never spoken about Scientology before, but I still have nightmares about these people. They ruined my life and my career. I ended up addicted to painkillers, and it took three rehabs to get me straight.”

She also discussed celebrity encounters of the third kind that left her feeling shell-shocked:

“I was shopping recently when Jenna Elfman, who’s a staunch Scientologist, approached me. She spouted statements like a robot and treated me like dirt.”

Llywellyn claims that the main reason behind the couple’s divorce was because he was a mean drunk and knocked the crap out of her on a few occasions.  She even claimed that she had to have her jaw wired shut on one occasion.  While Lee has previously admitted to a past of alcoholism, it’s hard to imagine the My Name is Earl star walloping anyone.

However, I guess you never do know.  I mean, I don’t know a whole lot about Scientology and who knows if all this stuff is even true — you know, despite the fact that it comes from a reputable source like the Enquirer — but isn’t drinking and whacking your wife one of the cardinal sins, according to Xenu?

You wouldn’t picture Tom “Napoleon” Cruise slapping Katie Kate Holmes around, would you?