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Jason Beghe

Hating on Scientology is Fun for Everyone!

Okay, part of me feels kind of bad whenever I make fun of Scientology. Because, like, it is a religion, and we do support religious freedom in this country, and I’m all about that, and if I ran a video like this about, say, Mormonism, I’d hear no end of shit about it, but for some reason most people seem to be a-okay with hating on Scientology. I think it’s just that any religion involving a character called “Xenu” is just begging to be picked on.

Here’s actor Jason Beghe — who’s had small roles and guest spots in a trillion TV shows and movies dating back to the mid-80s — spewing off about how much he hates Scientology. This is after he was an active Scientologist for many years. I can’t understand most of what he’s saying — it’s all in Scientology terms — but I know he’s probably not a big fan of the religion anymore. The cussing gives that away.