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Jared Leto

Jared Leto Makes A Pretty Girl On The Cover Of Candy Magazine

jared leto in drag

Jared Leto is a beautiful man, so it’s not surprising that he makes a beautiful woman. Here he is on the cover of the summer 2013 edition of Candy magazine. People are saying he looks like Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel. I’m getting more of a Goldie Hawn circa Laugh-In vibe. Terry Richardson is credited with taking the photo. Not surprised. This has his look all over it. I guess he is the only photographer left in the world, as I see his work pretty much everywhere for everything and everyone in Hollywood.

Here’s another photo of Mr. Leto in drag, from the magazine’s website:

jared leto candy magazine drag blonde wig

I’m lovin’ it.

Jared Leto Got A Tattoo For Twitter

jared leto twitter tattoo

Jared Leto told Twitter that when he hits 1 million twitter followers, he would get a tattoo. Well he did. And he did. He got this giant tattoo on his back. I’m still not convinced this isn’t a joke. But here it is. The photo was posted on his Instagram account and E Online picked up the story. When the hell did Twitter get this important?

He also seems to really want to show Zach Braff. On Monday he tweeted, “i will show you me showing zach my tat” What am I missing here? I know that they’re friends but do they have a…a tattoo thing?

I went to get more info on Jared Leto’s Twitter, but as of Tuesday night, 11PM, pacific coast time, it’s gone. Somehow we must persevere without Jared Leto’s Twitter account. Can we do it? Are we strong enough?

It will probably come back. Twitter accounts come and go; unfortunately that tattoo is pretty stuck on there.

Jared Leto Starved Himself for a Month to Get This Skinny

photo of jared leto pictures skinny terry richardson pic
Is this guy a class act or what? I mean, he’s just so totally method, and what better way to tell the world that you’re method than showing them the actual effects of being so totally method? Shia LaBeouf move over, we have another actor ready and willing to take your place—and this one’s actually a relatively talented thespian!

This photo is from a recent shoot with Terry Richardson, where Jared displayed the shrunken form that he worked so hard on for the role opposite Matthew McConaughey (the very same role that he obliterated his eyebrows for), in ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’. In the film, Jared plays a HIV-diagnosed transsexual woman who supports Matthew McConaughey’s efforts in procuring life-saving drugs from Mexico.

How much thinner can you get, Jared? Jeez Louise.

Love It or Leave It: Oh Jared Leto

photo of jared leto scary no eyebrows pictures
And here I was, thinking we’d seen Jared Leto at his absolute scariest. I was wrong.

I’ll tell you, though—one thing we can definitely say about this guy is that he really gets into character. Remember all that weight he put on? All that weight he lost? The time he did Kurt Cobain? Holy crow. I might not be a fan of his ultimate hipster music or his weird fashion choices (or the fact that he’s Scarlett Johansson’s meat puppet—it’s like, come on; sack up and demand the relationship you so obviously want), but there is absolutely no denying that he takes his craft pretty seriously. Unlike the general perception of some other actors and (ahem) actresses of this day and age.

What do you guys think of Jared and his missing eyebrows? Do you love it? Would you still hit it?

Jared Leto is All Political These Days, Too

photo of jared leto pictures photos
And why not? When you’re the alleged lover of Scarlett Johansson, you have to be, since she’s apparently the second coming of Sean Penn or whatever when it comes to being a political and social activist.

Here’s what Jared’s been saying on his Twitter account lately, and it’s mostly all politics-related:

“Please vote Obama so Romney doesn’t make us all go to Sunday school.”

“Dear Mitt. Running a country isn’t the same as running a business.”

“Anyone else starting to think Romney may be the antichrist?”

To note your concerns, Jared, I’ll address each of your Tweets one by one.

1—Now come on. That’s just silly. *I’m* voting for Obama for a variety of reasons, but I also affiliate myself with a religious group. Just because I, as a “religious” person, think that Mitt Romney’s full of crap, as is his demented take on religion and its place in government, doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with Sunday School, OK, boy?

2—What the hell are you talking about? For the past three decades, this country has been run as if it were a business. It’s gotten us this far, hasn’t it*?

3—Yes. Yes, it’s a definite possibility. Let’s shave his head and look for the 666. Oh. Wait. According to some radical, Republican conservatives, Obama’s got that one on lockdown. All that’s missing is the horns, which I hear he has to have filed down every three weeks or so.

Ah, won’t it be nice when all of this election business is over with? SOON.

*Please note the sarcasm there. It doesn’t always translate very well.

Quotables: Scarlett Johansson Talks Jared Leto

photo of scarlett johansson dating jared leto cheating pic

Scarlett is still dating Nate [Naylor]. This is very innocent. Scarlett and Jared have remained friends, nothing more, nothing less. Let’s concentrate on the DNC and her speech, which is exponentially more important.”

So I wonder how that explanation went to boyfriend, then. I’m thinking something along the lines of this: “Well, see, Nate, Jared and I have this history together, and while we’re *just friends*, the Democratic National Convention just heats me right up. I got the shakes, and started convulsing and having seizures, and next thing I knew, Jared’s penis was in my mouth so I didn’t swallow my tongue. Perfectly innocent. And what a gentleman, too, right?”

Or, you know, something.