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Jamie Pressly

Jennifer Love Hewitt frightens Jaime Pressly

and you may be startled too when you see the front of this dress.  It’s unfortunate. 

Last night was the St. Jude’s 5th Annual Runway for Life Benefit held at the Beverly Hills Hilton.  Hilary and Haylie Duff participated yet I still question Haylie’s fame.  It’s kind of like Ali Lohan…do you just need to be a star sib to be famous?  Selena Gomez showed that sixteen doesn’t look at all like it used to and Jaime Pressly stood in front of food she’ll never eat.  Jason Alexander had white powder on his lapel and Victor Garber continues to embrace the t-shirt and suit coat combination.  Jennifer Westfeldt and her man Jon Hamm acted sophisticated by putting their drinks on the floor before being photographed and Cybill Shepherd wore some distracting and ill-fitted pants.  Dick Van Dyke looked more alert than he ever did on Diagnosis Murder and it appears that Marlo Thomas got one of those wind tunnel makeovers.  Valerie Bertinelli?  She just looked fantastic!  Oh…and Daisy Fuentes attended.  Eh.

Jamie Pressly’s a Mommy!


My Name Is Early star Jamie Pressly gave birth to a little boy this morning, and — as she announced in November — Pressley and her husband, L.A. DJ Eric Cubiche, named the tyke Dezi. Little Dezi James was born at 7:31 a.m., weighing six pounds and four ounces. According to TMZ:

The name Dezi is in reference to a running joke the couple share; Cubiche often imitates “I Love Lucy” star Desi Arnaz by calling Pressly “Luuucy” every night when he comes home. Cubiche, like Arnaz, is of Cuban descent.

Congratulations to the new parents!!

It’s a Boy for Jamie Pressley

My Name Is Earl star Jamie Pressly announced that she is expecting a baby boy on Wednesday night’s taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Pressly is four months pregnant, and the proud papa is her fiance, deejay Eric Cubiche. Pressly describes hearing about the sex of the baby from her doctor: “She looked at the picture and said, ‘If that’s not a boy that’s a third leg.’ Of course, Eric says its because he’s Cuban.”

Pressly and Cubiche got engaged last month, after Pressly denied rumors that she was pregnant. “I was only a month pregnant so I lied, which is a woman’s right,” she says. The couple have already selected a name: Dezi James. The “Dezi” comes from a running I Love Lucy joke between the couple, and James is Pressly’s father’s name.

The happy couple, who have been dating for a year and a half, are in no rush to get married. “I do want to be a princess for a day,” says Pressly, “but it’s not necessary to do that before you have kids. A lot of women do it later.”

Lunchtime Quickies: Nick Carter Would Like You to Hate Paris Hilton, Watch His Television Program

  • God bless the British press. They’ve got a pic of cocaine in its natural habitat — the inside of Kate Moss’s nose.
  • If the standard blow-up doll isn’t doing the trick anymore, you can bid on an actual Fembot on eBay.
  • Nick Carter: “Paris Hilton is a psychotic evil whore blah blah blah blah hey by the way I have a television show coming out.”
  • Jamie Pressly gets engaged and Kate Hudson files for divorce.
  • Do you want a George W. Bush butt plug? Perhaps for use in conjunction with your Fembot? Okay, okay. Just promise you’ll think about it.
  • ABC’s website has a clip of the Terri Irwin interview that will air on 20/20 tonight.
  • I can’t believe I am linking to Perez Hilton just because I agree with his taste, but I am. Regina Spektor rocks, and when you’re done listening to the new Killers album, you should check her out.
  • Lost star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ayddibug ukilolopoti yi Abptu daka-daka shrekpiti.