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Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Promises To Give Her Baby A “Normal” Name

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler woke up this mornin’ and got herself a decision about what to name her baby boy. Wow, worst Sopranos pun ever. That wasn’t even a pun. I tried. I sort of tried.

TMZ found her on the street and after offering her some gabagool (still not working, I’ll just stop trying) they asked her if she was going to name her baby something like North West or Pilot Inspektor or Poppin Fresh or whatever celebrities are naming their kids these days. She told them,

It will be a NORMAL name. A real name.

She could name him James. Aside from the nice tribute factor, it’s a good name.

I know some of y’all have your baby names picked, regardless of whether you’re expecting or not, so tell us: what are they? Are they “normal”?

James Gandolfini Is Laid to Rest In New York City

edie falco

James Gandolfini‘s death came as a shock to everyone when it was announced last week. At only 51, he was one of the nation’s most beloved actors for his many memorable roles, especially The Sopranos. And so, it only seems right that his Sopranos castmates came out to celebrate his life at the funeral service held at Manhattan’s Cathedral Church of St John the Divine on Thursday.

Edie Falco, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Lorraine Bracco, Michael Imperioli and Steve Buscemi were just a few of the actors in attendance at the services. It’s still so crazy that James Gandolfini is no longer alive. I can’t lie and say I was obsessed with The Sopranos (my grandfather watched it, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode) or that I thought of him much, but years ago I did meet him at a screening for Romance and Cigarettes, which I really loved, and he was one of the most thoughtful, kind “stars” I’ve ever come in contact with.

RIP, James Gandolfini.

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Explain to Me How Meadow Soprano Is Still Dating Turtle

I’m completely obsessed with this interview Jamie-Lynn Sigler did on Jimmy Kimmel this week. First off, I’m blown away that she’s still dating Jerry Ferrara. Don’t get me wrong, Jerry seems like a cool guy, but he’s a far cry in the looks department from AJ DiScala or Scott Sartiano. But I guess it didn’t work out with those guys, so she’s trying something different? Whatever makes you happy.

Jamie also dishes about her addiction to Tiger Woods Golf on Xbox, which I find hilarious. She says she plays up to four hours a day, and spends the whole time thinking about things she should be doing. I guess Jerry also has his friends in Brooklyn spying on her on there, so he always knows when she’s wasting a day on Tiger Woods. This is especially amusing to me, because back in LA I dated a guy who did the exact same thing. We’d make plans for the night, and I’d come over at the appointed time, and he would not only not be ready to go out, he’d be stoned and on hour six of a Tiger Woods game. That stuff is like crack.

Holy Shit, It Looks Like Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is Actually Dating Jerry Ferrara

I wanted to disbelieve for so very, very long, but it’s getting harder and harder to do that.

The twosome left Chateau Marmont earlier this week hand-in-hand and have been spotted all over town together this past month.

Jerry’s Entourage co-star Kevin Connelly had this to say when asked about them:

“I cannot speak to that, but listen, look around; the writing’s on the wall … It looks that way to me. I don’t want to confirm anything, but it certainly looks that way.”


Turtle SCORES! He’s giving new hope to the less-attractive sidekicks of the world!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Is Glad She Didn’t Have Babies When She Was Young and Stupid and Married to a Manipulative Jackass

In an upcoming interview with Page Six magazine, Jamie-Lynn Sigler talks about her ill-advised early marriage, and why she’s glad she never popped out babies. In some ways, it reads like a “Just wait and see how fucked you’re gonna be” to all these young starlets getting knocked up left and right.

“I was told what I needed to be in every given moment – what I should and shouldn’t say. It was such a weird thing when I was 21 or 22 and just getting into the world,” she tells the mag. “I didn’t know who I was. I was living in an idealistic dream world – like, ‘I have a successful show and this handsome man, and I’m 22 and I’m getting married and may have a baby next year!’ But, man, am I glad we didn’t have children.”

Although she’s 27 now, Jamie tells the magazine that she’s “having a second twenties,” because “I think I deserve to form my own life now.”

And as for her rumored romance with Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara? “He is a very special person, and I’ll leave it there.”

You know, in many ways, Jamie-Lynn’s kind of had an similar experience to what Jessica Simpson went through, but has managed to do so in a much more under-the-radar kind of way. It’s interesting, because I have a feeling their stories have a lot of parallels, but public perception of Jamie-Lynn in the aftermath is so different from public perception of Jessica. It’s notable, too, that Jamie-Lynn was in a years-long relationship with Scott Sartiano immediately following her divorce, so it’s not like she’s just been on the singles scene forever.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Dating Turtle from Entourage?

It’s an HBO match made in, um, the Twilight Zone.

Word on the street is that, after filming a guest spot on Entourage, Jamie-Lynn Sigler fell in real-life love with Jerry Ferrara, aka Turtle.

Says a source: “One thing led to another, and it got a little more serious than a fling. Jamie married and divorced [manager A.J. DiScala] at a young age, so she’s learned the lessons of love. Jerry’s a good guy.”

This “source” is kind of dumb. Jamie did get married and divorced rather young, but that’s all well in the past. Her most recent split comes after a years-long relationship with restaurant manager Scott Sartiano. So obviously she hasn’t totally mastered the love thing.

And Jamie’s response when asked about her relationship with Turtle? “His name is Jerry,” she said. “Look, I’ve known him for a long time. Obviously you meet people and you get closer working together. I’m not saying yes! He’s a really good friend.”

For what it’s worth, they were both present at the Breeders Cup Championship on Saturday, although they didn’t pose for photos together.


Sorry, you guys know how excited I get about photos of Alfonso Ribeiro. I don’t know why. I just do.

Carlton hit up a party in Puerto Rico this weekend, along with Joey Fatone and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who seems to be popping up everywhere these days now that she’s single. Good for her.