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‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Gets Its First Trailer, Will Be “More Of A Thriller”


Keep in mind that the first installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy was only released a little over two months ago, on Valentine’s Day. I bet it’s even still playing in some theatres around the world – that’s how new it is. But never one to enjoy the present too much, fans are already desperate to know more about Fifty Shades Darker, the second installment, and it looks like they’re (sorta) getting their wish since the first “teaser” was released on Thursday:

Frankly, a 30 second clip, at least half of which is production credits and/or film company logos, isn’t really much to go on, but people are still going nuts watching Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey putting on a jacket and an eye mask. I guess that’s in line with the other news we found out yesterday, which is that Fifty Shades Darker – which is being written by E.L. James’ husband rather than the author herself – is going to be “more of a thriller” than its predecessor, as Universal’s Donna Langley revealed in conversation with The Hollywood Reporter. Oh, joy!

What do you think?

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Jamie Dornan stalked a woman to prepare for ‘The Fall’

jamie dornan

Y’all know I love The Fall. It’s one of the best dramas that’s been on TV in the past couple of years – the script is fantastic and Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson really get a chance to shine every single week. It’s a shame Jamie is wasted in shit like Fifty Shades, but let’s concentrate on the good stuff, for now. Like how Jamie stalked a woman in preparation for his role as the crazed Belfast serial killer Paul Spector. Uh… what?

Here’s what he told The Los Angeles Times:

“On the tube, which is our underground system,” Dornan said, pausing before he told his story. “Can I get arrested for this? Hold on … this is a really bad reveal: I, like, followed a woman off the train one day to see what it felt like to pursue someone like that. I really kept my distance and was aware that it was kind of half-hearted.”

Dornan said it didn’t last long because the woman got off the train a few stops earlier than he was planning, but admitted, “I followed her around a couple of street corners and then was like, ‘What are you doing?’”

The 32-year-old actor added, “It felt kind of exciting, in a really sort of dirty way. I’m sort of not proud of myself. But I do honestly think I learned something from it, because I’ve obviously never done any of that. It was intriguing and interesting to enter that process of ‘What are you following her for?’ and ‘What are you trying to find out?’”

Yikes! Ladies, try to resist the whole, “Jamie Dornan can stalk me anyday!” response that wayyyy too many came out with on Facebook like they were the most clever women to ever live. That’s a pretty intense experience, but hey, I guess method acting exists for a reason.

Right, so who’s finished the second season of The Fall? I know a couple of you were working on it, but hurry it up! It needs to be discussed!

Oh, and because I care, here’s a video of part of his interview:

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Gillian Anderson wants to see Jamie Dornan’s man junk

gillian anderson jamie dornan

Jamie Dornan might be Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, to many, but he also stars as a freak ass serial killer alongside Gillian Anderson in The Fall. Unlike Jamie’s (non-)relationship with Fifty Shades co-star Dakota Johnson, he gets along with Gillian famously and they’ve got chemistry out the wazoo. So much chemistry, in fact, that Gillian is a bit disappointed that she hasn’t had a chance to check out Jamie’s dick yet, apparently.

From The Telegraph:

“So, Gillian,” I say. “Have you seen Jamie Dornan, your serial killer co-star in The Fall getting his Christian Gray kit off in Fifty Shades?”

“No,” she demurs, copping out of the question with non-committal diplomacy. “I’ve been too busy. I’m either filming or on planes or putting my sons to bed.”

Too busy to make time for young Jamie whipping and chaining and rumpy-pumpying? Come on, woman, haven’t you got a pulse? Aren’t you even a little bit curious?

“I will see it,” she insists. “I am very interested to see his – range.” The imperceptible pause is too perfect an opportunity to ignore.

“Oh-ho, Gillian is that what we’re calling it these days?” And with that she dissolves into shrieks of laughter. Yes, Gillian Anderson isn’t just laughing, she is dabbing her eyes and laughing.

“That’s terrible! I mean, I like a good double entendre as much as the next person…but I really did mean his range.” She trails off and throughout the subsequent pot of tea there’s more laughter, a bit of relaxed swearing and an unflinching honesty that is, in its way, almost as discombobulating as her unflinching gravitas.

Man, will I ever get over my crush on Gillian Anderson? Probably not. But a better question is probably why we can’t have a Jamie Dornan/Gillian Anderson sex movie. Or just a Gillian Anderson one. Now that, I’d watch. Ahem.

When will the third season of The Fall be out, in the meantime? I know it’s probably not until late this year or early next, but it was left with such a cliffhanger and I gotta know what’s going to happen! I won’t elaborate because you might not all have finished yet, but it’s GOOD.

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Jamie Dornan is LOADED because of ‘Fifty Shades’

jamie dornan

We knew the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey had to be making a pretty penny, considering how much the movie is grossing worldwide, but just how rich is the BDSM-lite trilogy making our Christan Grey in real life? Well, a lot – but not actually that much if you think about it.

Apparently Jamie Dornan made a paltry $1.2 million for the first movie, which is great money to us laymen, but absolute shit in movie star money. I guess the studio got a little scared that their main man might pull out, though, because the sequel should earn him a cool $6.9 million – at least according to the Daily Star. A nice increase, for sure, but still not really a decent portion of the pie if you consider how much this franchise is raking in.

Here’s a quote from ~a source~ just for good measure: “Jamie has signed the deal and he’s thrilled, the money on offer was just too good. Jamie has made it known that doubts could be in place if Sam Taylor-Johnson [director] exits, but it’s just a ploy designed to put pressure on James and push her to loosen her grip. The truth is that Jamie plans to do all three, and very much with the backing of his family.”

Huh. Well, there ya go. You know his wife is gettin’ PAID for this bullshit, though.

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Jamie Dornan’s publicist has had a rough few days

jamie dornan

Ladies across the world started losing their mind yesterday when it was reported that Jamie Dornan is already sick of the whole Fifty Shades of Grey disaster and wanted O-U-T of both of the franchise’s future installments. This news didn’t sit well with many, especially considering the first movie is still in theatres and one would assume the studio would like it to keep making big box office bucks. Not exactly great timing for your lead star to admit how much it sucks, eh?

All I have to say is, I sure feel bad for Jamie’s publicist, who’s no doubt been tasked with fixing this whole mess before it goes any further. The statement from Camp Jamie is here and in it, we’re promised that he’ll be back as Christian Grey… if only they’ll have him!

“Jamie is delighted that the film is breaking box office records worldwide and whilst the studio has not made any formal announcements about sequels, he is looking forward to making the next film,” his rep told Us Weekly

Right, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you believe this bullshit? Jamie Dornan is still in the midst of promoting this shit-show and he’s contractually obligated to show up and seem remotely interested (a tall order, from the looks of things thus far). It’s not really a great time to say that you can’t be bothered to finish off the trilogy, is it? 

What do you think?

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Jamie Dornan wants out of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sequels

jamie dornan fifty shades

Welp, can’t say this is at all surprising. First, franchise director Sam Taylor-Johnson tries to get out of her contract, and now Jamie Dornan is apparently desperate to avoid any further affiliation with the Fifty Shades of Grey movies and has no interest in portraying Christian Grey ever again. Uh oh…

From The Mirror:

The actor is thought to have stopped his brief relationship with the films early because his wife doesn’t want him to star in any more, it has been claimed.

Actress Amelia Warner, who has a 15-month-old daughter with the star, is said to be unhappy with him acting out the explicit sex scenes in the controversial film.

And Jamie, from Holywood, Co Down, has been left reeling by a barrage of scathing reviews for the movie adaptation of the risque S&M book.

Australian magazine NW claims the 32-year-old has told film bosses he won’t be back as kinky businessman Christian Grey for parts two and three.

While it might be true that Jamie’s wife isn’t really feeling the role, I feel like it’s far more likely that Jamie himself is sick of the bullshit – frankly, I think he probably was sick of it the second the ink dried on the contract. He actually IS a decent actor – again, see The Fall if you want to see the scope of his skills – so it was a bit disheartening to discover he’d taken on the roll at all. I know money talks, but absolute bullshit walks, and Fifty Shades certainly qualifies as bullshit (and that’s being kind).

What will be the biggest joke is that they’ll still make the second and third movies with another actor. Dakota Johnson will stay, of course, because she’s got the personality of wet cardboard and as much chance of getting a decent role otherwise as I have of being Taylor Swift‘s next BFF. In other words, she’s there to stay – how hard is it to bite your lip, anyway?

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Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are just as awkward naked as they are clothed

jamie dornan dakota johnson w mag

Book your tickets and stash an extra pair of underwear in your handbags, ladies, because Fifty Shades of Grey is hitting theatres this Saturday, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Because, you know, nothing says romance like a glorified tale of abusive man and a woman with no self-worth! Yahoo! Not to mention two actors who can’t stand each other and have zero chemistry!

Poor Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson they thought it’d just be some easy money and realized just a second too late that uh, you know, it’s probably the worst thing they could have ever done. Now they have to do interviews nonstop and be asked about their favourite sex positions and like, pose naked for magazines and actually simulate penetration, when it comes to W Magazine‘s March 2015 issue. Yikes.

More scans are behind the cut since many are NSFW, but frankly, they should be safe for work because they’re the most clinical, least sexy things I’ve ever seen. The one where they’re actually apparently having sex? I mean, the blank look on both of their faces would make any woman (with a brain) dry as a desert, but whatever. I particularly enjoy the second one, where Jamie’s face is the epitome of “Kill me now!”. Enjoy – and thanks to the Twitter follower who felt the need to watermark every one of their scans for scanning them to begin with.

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