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James Franco

Franco & Hathaway Do ‘Grease’

James Franco posted this 19-second clip of him and Anne Hathaway reenacting the famous “You’re The One That I Want” carnival scene from Grease to his Twitter yesterday. As we all know by now, the two are hosting the Oscars together Sunday night, so I can only assume that this is a behind-the-scenes preview of what will be a pretty epic remake. I’m hoping that it’s part of some huge montage that runs through a variety of everybody’s favorite movie couples, but since I’m already going to get 3+ hours of James Franco on television that night, I’m not going to be greedy.

Are you tuning in to the Oscars on Sunday night? For the films, the Franco or the (unintentional) funny?

This Is What Could Have Happened At The Oscars If Burlesque Hadn’t Been A Horrible Movie

In a perfect world, Lindsay Lohan would actually act in movies, Justin Bieber would spend his days discussing topical issues and politics, and Burlesque would be a film remotely worthy of an Oscar nomination.  Aside from the obvious benefits of such a world (Lindsay’s Linda Lovelace biopic would have been so intense), there’s a specific, special one that we’re going to talk about today, and that benefit is the audio clip above.

If you’re listening to the clip and having trouble figuring out its contents, let me help you out:  it’s James Franco rehearsing a Cher song. It’s beautiful James Franco trying to nail that horrible Cher song from Burlesque so he could perform it at the Oscars in full Cher regalia.  That is a treat that we were going to be given this Sunday, but not anymore.  Since the shitty Cher movie didn’t receive any nominations, the number was cut, as were my hopes and dreams.

What do you guys think about James’ performance?  We’re being denied a true gem in music history, right?

Judd Apatow Gives James Franco Advice on Hosting the Oscars

James Franco is hosting the Oscars this week with Anne Hathaway, but a few weeks back, Judd asked Producers Guild Awards host Judd Apatow to give him some tips.

Considering it sounds like this was recorded before the PGAs, Judd wasn’t able to offer much advice, but he did tell James he’d give him any jokes that went over well during his hosting duties to use for the Oscars, which people actually watch. Let’s hope James stays away from the Gervais-bashing, though.

What’s great about this video is that it’s almost definitely improvised and now that we know how cute James Franco looks like on Skype, it’s like we’re living in a new era of sexual fantasies.

James Franco Explains How He Landed the Oscar Hosting Gig

James Franco went on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about his new movie 127 Hours, but of course he fielded questions about how in the hell he wound up hosting this year’s Oscars. When the clip above picks up, he had just explained that he and the show’s producer, Bruce Cohen (who also produced James’ movie Milk), were brainstorming about how he could be involved in the show when Bruce asked him if he’d just host the whole thing.

Of course James says he’s mainly hosting the Oscars for the experience, which is seems to be the motivating factor behind most of his career choices these days. Not that that’s a bad thing; Franco is one of the most interesting dudes in showbiz because of his penchant for popping up in kind of odd places… Including the roof of Jimmy Kimmel’s studio.

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Are Hosting The Oscars!

A photo of James Franco

Are you guys way excited about this?  You should be.  We’re going to see Anne Hathaway be gorgeous and perhaps attempt to discuss anal sex with James Franco, who will tragically be too preoccupied with carrying the show.  There will be stoner jokes, art jokes, hipster jokes, and jokes about whatever Anne Hathaway does (Jake Gyllenhaal’s penis?).*

Here’s the official announcement:

“James Franco and Anne Hathaway personify the next generation of Hollywood icons— fresh, exciting and multi-talented. We hope to create an Oscar broadcast that will both showcase their incredible talents and entertain the world on February 27. We are completely thrilled that James and Anne will be joining forces with our brilliant creative team to do just that.”

See?  Fresh and exciting, that’s exactly what I said.  Following this line of thought, I’m going to go ahead and predict that the Academy Awards in 2016 are going to be hosted by Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber.  If I were you, I’d go ahead and mark your calendars.

*I don’t have anything against Anne Hathaway, it’s just that I feel like this is going to be James Franco’s Special Day.  It seems like everyone who’s ever watched a movie thinks he’s getting nominated for his work in 127 Hours, and meanwhile all Love and Other Drugs seems to be good for is screencapping Anne and Jake’s (NSFW) naughty bits.  Tough break for Anne, that’s all I’m saying.

GQ Names Their Men of the Year, I’m Like “Eh”

A photo of Jeff Bridges on GQ

Yesterday, GQ named Scarlett Johansson their Babe of the Year, and that’s fine.  That’s totally fair.  But today they announced their Men of the Year and for the most part, I just don’t get it.

Jeff Bridges’ official title is Icon of the Year, and maybe I’m young and naive, but why?  Is it because of the new TRON movie? Is it a nod to his work in The Last Unicorn?  It’s probably because of how Crazy Heart was all over the Oscars like a bad case of crabs, isn’t it?  Yeah, that’s probably why.

Then there’s Drake, who’s been named the Breakout of the Year, and I just don’t know who he is.  I mean, I know he sang some songs, but let’s be real, the only time I would have heard of any currently popular hip hop artist would be at the gay bar, and it’s not like I’d ever go up to the DJ and ask for names because I’m always way too focused on my margarita and on talking to this guy who likes to sing Disney songs to me and then pretend like I didn’t notice that he just snorted something off his hand.  So I apologize, Drake, but I’m sure you’d understand.

Next is James Franco, whose work I’m actually familiar with, as the Leading Man of the Year.  I’m pretty sure this is because everyone thinks he’s going to get an Oscar for 127 Hours. Has anyone seen that?  From what I’ve read, it’s pretty gruesome and also not that great.  Whatever, GQ is about ten years too late anyway.  Remember Freaks and Geeks?  Exactly.

Finally, Stephen Colbert is the Patriot of the Year, and this is by far my favorite.  I don’t understand how one could not love Stephen Colbert, and I might go as far as to say that he deserves higher honors, such as the sole GQ cover or perhaps something of the Nobel variety.

What do you guys think about GQ’s list?  Do you have cruel words for me because of my Drake ignorance?  Are there men who have been tragically overlooked?  Tell me all about it, guys.