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Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith Is Just Fine, Thank You Very Much


Rumors about a Jaclyn Smith suicide attempt and/or a Jaclyn Smith shooting have been hurling around the Internet today, spurred on by a certain blogger who shall not be named, but who has a track record of errantly confirming people as dead or seriously injured. Way to break stories, buddy. I’d break a lot of awesome stories, too, if I just made them up. Crazy, irresponsible shit like: “BREAKING! MACKENZIE PHILLIPS WAS RAPED BY HER FATHER!” Oh, wait.

Jaclyn was rumored to have attempted suicide with a gun in Barbados this weekend. Jaclyn was not anywhere near Barbados this weekend — she is safely at home with her family in Los Angeles. But all is not entirely well — her Charlie’s Angels stunt double, Sandra Franklin, was seriously injured in Barbados, but details are unknown.

We’re sending much love and prayers out to Sandra Franklin and her family, and we’re putting these Jaclyn Smith rumors to rest.


Jaclyn Smith brought an adorable puppy to the Shear Genius season two launch event. I have no idea why she brought this puppy, but it sure was an effective way to get me to write about her.

This puppy is not as adorable as Leo, though, who has quickly made my old, fat cats his new playmates, much to their chagrin. He follows Max around the house, sniffing at his ass. It’s like the funniest thing ever. It looks like Max has a permanent ass growth — this little puppy who just trots along behind him with his nose up in his ass. It doesn’t seem to bother Max much, though — he seems to understand that Leo’s just a baby and he’s going to do weird things. Josie, on the other hand, kind of hates Leo. I think this is because Josie’s always been the one who’s most attached to me, and she doesn’t like sharing me with Leo and Leo doesn’t like sharing me with Josie, so there’s a lot of hissing, barking and swatting going on there. Ashley, predictably, is way too cool to be involved with any of it, and can usually be found sleeping far away from any drama.