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Hulk Hogan

14Ohhhhhhhh Shit. Nick Hogan ARRESTED!!!


Nick Hogan was arrested today on charges stemming from the August street race that left one of his best friends critically injured.


In addition to the reckless driving charge, authorities cited Bollea for using a motor vehicle in commission of a felony, being a driver under 21 operating a vehicle with a breath-alcohol level of .02 percent or higher and having illegal window tinting.

The Hogans issued the following statement:

“Nick and the entire ‘Hogan’ Bollea family are saddened that criminal charges have been filed in regards to the tragic single car accident on August 26, 2007. Nick will meet and answer these charges in the appropriate arena – a court of law. The family’s primary focus and concern still remains for the continued recovery of Nick’s longtime friend John Graziano. The Bolleas will also continue to stand by the Graziano family and help them in any way they can.

The tragedy to both families is compounded by the fact that unfortunately John was not wearing his seatbelt. Thankfully, Nick was wearing his. Because of what happened to John, the entire Bollea family will make it a priority to increase public awareness about the importance of always wearing your seatbelt.

There has been much speculation as to the speed and wet road conditions surrounding this accident. Although all the evidence has not been evaluated, preliminary reports from the experts indicate that this was not, in fact, a high-speed accident.

Because Nick is still a juvenile and has no prior criminal record, we are disappointed that he is being charged as an adult offender. However, we are confident that the evidence will demonstrate that this was an accident. We ask all who follow these events to keep an open mind as to the facts until they have been ultimately determined. Finally, we thank all who have prayed for John’s recovery and ask for your continued support and prayers.”


November 7, 2007 at 10:42 am by Evil Beet
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22Hulk Hogan’s Son Nearly Killed in Drag-racing Accident

Nick Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s Son, in Serious Drag Racing Car Accident

Just when you thought no one in the Hogan family could make a dumber decision than Brooke Hogan’s ass-pants, her brother Nick is there to prove us wrong.

Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick, who you might recognize from Hogan Knows Best, was nearly killed in a car accident on Sunday night in Clearwater, Florida. While no official statement has been made, many are assuming that the 17-year-old was drag-racing. He crashed his Toyota Supra around 7:30 pm, after losing control of the vehicle, hitting a raised median, and crashing into a palm tree.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

You can check out video of concerned Papa Hogan on the crash scene here.

His mother released the following statement:

“My son Nick and a friend were involved in a car accident last night. Nick suffered minor injuries and has been treated and released from the hospital. At this time, his friend, John Graziano remains hospitalized. Nick is currently at the hospital with John and his family. His sole concern is for the well being of his friend. On behalf of my family, we ask that your thoughts and prayers be with John and his loved ones.”

Nick is going to be in a LOT of trouble for this — he was recently cited in Florida for going nearly twice the speed limit, in a construction zone!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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