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Kendra Wilkinson Playboy Olive Garden, Pictures, Photos


This is the coolest thing ever! And also kind of the weirdest thing ever.

Playboy has launched a nationwide search for the hottest women who work for my FAVORITE restaurant!!!! They’re going to do a “Girls of Olive Garden” pictorial!!!

Hugh Hefner and Kendra Wilkinson will handpick the winners.

Reps from Olive Garden say they have no involvement in this — they won’t encourage their servers to get naked, but they won’t fire them for it, either.

Man, at first I was like, “Olive Garden? Why Olive Garden?” And then I remembered that Kendra, just like me, truly appreciates the finer things in life, and Olive Garden is her favorite restaurant, too. Something tells me this was all Kendra’s idea. You’re such a rock star, Kendra!!!

When these pictures come out, I assure you they will be on this website, lawyers or not. I have never been so excited for a Playboy spread in my life!!!

To apply to be a part of the spread, click here.

April 21, 2008 at 11:01 am by Evil Beet

18Happy Birthday, Hef!

Pamela Anderson and Hugh Hefner, Pictures, Photos

The Playboy magnate turns a whopping 82 years old today.

And he got an early birthday present from Pamela Anderson. When Hef and Holly entered their penthouse at the Palms, they were greeted by Pam, who was butt-ass naked except for a pair of high heels, and holding a cake.

“Pam wasn’t paid to do it, she just wanted to show her love for Hef,” says a source.

Um, okay, but between Girls Next Door and Pam’s upcoming reality TV show, how many video cameras do you think were there to capture this sweet, private moment and use it in promos?


April 9, 2008 at 2:49 am by Evil Beet

2In Case You Missed It

Check out Hugh Hefner on Jimmy Kimmel.

February 5, 2008 at 1:23 pm by Evil Beet

47Holly Madison Says She and Hef Are Trying for a Baby


2008 is the year to do it!

It’s baby year!

Never one to buck a trend, Holly Madison says she and Hef are trying for a baby.

“There has been lots of trying — lots of trying!” she told at Playboy’s Ninth Annual Super Saturday Night bash in Arizona.

Does she mean by having sex? I can’t imagine Hef has a single usable sperm at this point. I can just picture his little swimmers, wearing bathrobes, smoking pipes and sauntering up Holly’s vaginal canal, pausing every now and again to nap.

Hopefully he froze a bunch of them a long time ago.

February 4, 2008 at 1:23 pm by Evil Beet



“To be perfectly frank, I have unexpectedly fallen in love. It is the relationship with Holly that will probably last forever. The others will last for as long as they want it to last before going on with their careers and lives.”

Hugh Hefner to the AP.

Score one for Holly Madison.

You know she can’t wait until Bridget and Kendra get out of the picture and she gets to have that Hefner baby.

January 31, 2008 at 3:51 pm by Evil Beet

5What The Hell Happened at Hyde Last Night?



Some really interesting pictures coming out of the WhiteTrash Charms Playboy Jewelry Launch Party at Hyde last night. Kelly Osborne hosted the event, and basically looked like a drag queen doing her very best Kelly Osbourne. Those extensions look ridiculous on her. Also, she was making out with Kim Stewart on the dance floor.

Hef and Holly were there, and Hef couldn’t keep his hands off Holly’s belly. He never touches her like that. She also looks like she’s put on a couple pounds — could Holly finally be pregnant with Hef’s fat paycheck little baby?

Also, for some strange reason, Blake Lewis was there. And it doesn’t look like he changed after AmIdol wrapped their taping. Isn’t this the outfit he was wearing on the show last night?

Oh, and Melissa Rivers was there, looking man-ish as ever, as well as newly minuted PMOY Sara Jean Underwood, looking adorable for someone who, as our commentors noticed, doesn’t have a vagina.

kelly_blake.jpg melissa-rivers.jpg kelly_kim.jpg sju.jpg kelly_kim1.jpg

May 16, 2007 at 9:45 am by Evil Beet
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