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Hilary Duff

Check Out Some Blurry Pictures from Hilary Duff’s Wedding!

Photos via D-Listed

Just like we promised, Hilary Duff got married last night.  From what I can tell from looking at the pictures, it looks like a lovely, reasonably small event, which is what Hilary wanted.

I was thinking about making a joke out of one of Hilary Duff’s song titles or something, but I just don’t have the heart.  It looks like she had a nice wedding, so good for her.  Also, who even knows Hilary Duff’s music?  That would have just been ridiculous of me.

Hilary Duff is For Sure Getting Hitched This Weekend

Our little girl is all grown up, you guys! Hilary Duff is totally marrying that hockey player dude Mike Comrie this weekend in Santa Barbara. And it’s going to be a mad classy affair, too. The couple chose the San Ysidro Ranch, which was the honeymoon spot of John and Jackie. Historic for days.

If you barely remembered that Lizzie McGuire is even engaged, then check out these photos of Mike presenting her with a one mili dollar diamond ring in Hawaii last year.

Also, do you guys think Lalaine is going to the wedding? Hope so.

Hilary Duff Hides Out at Canadian Airport

Hilary Duff had to wait it out while her fiance, Mike Comrie, was 20 minutes late to scoop her up from the Edmonton International Airport this morning. She tried to hide behind a wall, but she was spotted by some young fans and agreed to post for pictures. Do you think maybe it was that huge-ass rock on her finger that gave her away? Despite his tardiness, Hilary seems thrilled to finally be with Mike once he arrives. These two are a cute couple. If she was a little older and he wasn’t a professional athlete, I’d say it might last.

Cameras Catch Every Moment Of Hilary Duff’s Proposal

Celebrities can complain all they’d like about constantly being documented by the paparazzi, but they have to admit that it must be pretty nice to have certain moments caught shot-by-shot while their not even paying attention. Yesterday some photogs in Hawaii happened to be there while Hilary Duff’s boyfriend, Mike Comrie was proposing to her. The whole scene looked so perfect that it may as well have been ripped out of one of those horrible romantic comedies Hil has been making ever since she stopped being a teenager. Congrats to the happy couple!


Hilary Duff Kissing For The Cameras On Gossip Girl

“I was a little hesitant. It was kind of close to home? then I realized, I would never say something [that Olivia says] like, Oh, this is just for the cameras. I think thats what makes me so different from some of the other people my age. It seemed for a time there were people who hated each other and I knew they hated each other but they were in pictures together all the time, smiling and throwing their arms around each other. I was like, Youre in the same business I am how can you do that and feel okay I so wouldnt do that.”

- Hilary Duff, to Nylon Magazine on taking the role of Olivia Burke

Can you guess who she’s talking about?

Hilary Eats Dirt in NYC

Hilary Falls In NYC

While filming a scene for her new movie, The Business Of Falling In Love, Hilary Duff really showed her range. Her character, who I can only assume is adorably klutzy per standard RomCom formula, has to fall face first in the middle of an NYC sidewalk. Lucky for Hil there was a mattress to break her fall, but the pictures? The pictures are gold. It doesn’t even matter that she’s not really falling.