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‘Glee’ Actress Heather Morris Had a Baby Boy

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Heather Morris from Glee is so bizarre to me. Partly, I can only see her as ditzy Brittany from the show, and even though that’s a character, I always assume she’s like that in real life. Obviously she’s not, and in fact she’s an accomplished dancer who went on tour with Beyoncé before, does tasteless photo shoots, leaks her own nudes… and apparently has a baby.

That’s right, Heather and her boyfriend Taylor Hubbell welcomed a baby boy called Elijah, according to US Weekly:

Heather Morris is a mom! The Glee actress, 26, gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday, Sept. 28, Us Weekly can confirm. The star named her new little bundle of joy Elijah!

This is the first child for Morris and her longtime love, Taylor Hubbell, whom she met in high school. Speaking about Hubbell in a candid interview with Fitness magazine in 2011, the Beyonce backup dancer turned actress gushed: “I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him. I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won’t continue.”

Of course, this pregnancy was a “total surprise” but they were apparently pretty thrilled about it. Nothing like an accidental baby to spice up a relationship! Congratulations to the “incredibly happy and excited” couple.

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Glee‘s Heather Morris Has Leaked Photos, Too

photo of heather morris nudes leak photos leaked pics picture 2012 photo
Our girl Emily said this morning that love is in the air, and she’s right, but you know what else is in the air? Nude photos. Oodles and oodles of naked pictures of celebrities. Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn … and now we have Heather Morris, too. Naturally, the generally good-natured Morris’s photos aren’t nearly as sultry as Hendricks’ own, or as trashy as Olivia’s, but they’re nudes, and they feature the trifecta of bomb-ass search engine traffic (tits, ass, and vadge), and also, bloody hell! They’re nudes! Why over-analyze? GO LOOK AT THEM.

Morris was the subject of another nude leak a couple of years ago, but Heather was OK with those. They were, after all, done in the name of art. These photos that you’re about to see, though, folks, have nothing to do with art and have all to do with sexuality. Of the ‘art’ photos, Heather said:

“I kind of thought it might happen. I understand completely where it came from. For me, I think they are beautiful. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. Everybody should do tasteful beautful nudes — so when you get older you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh that’s when my body looked so great.’”

Yes, tasteful beautiful nudes. This here, above the cut, is one of her ‘tasteful, beautiful nudes’:

photo of heather morris nudes pictures photos uncensored pic

Sure, great. Gorgeous. And then, of course, the NSFW photos, after the jump.

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Glee‘s Heather Morris Does Domestic Violence Chic!

A photo of Heather Morris

These pictures were taken by Tyler Shields, the same guy who did those pictures of Lindsay Lohan all done up like a vampire, remember those? Yeah, he’s apparently stepped up his game a little, because these photos of Heather Morris, who beautifully portrays the ditzy Brittany on Glee, are almost downright offensive.

However, Tyler told Us that in these photos, Heather Morris is “definitely not a victim, more like a really liberated woman.” Because when we think of really liberated women, we think of pretty ladies with black eyes being tied up with iron cords. Right?