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Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Sure Cannes Rock a Bikini

The teenage hottie steams things up on a boat with her boyfriend, British TV personality Steve Jones, and some friends while in France. Rough life that Hayden kid has.

Hayden Panettiere: Good Girl Gone Bad?

First our favorite little whale-lover was screaming at reporters on the red carpet, and now we’re hearing reports that she’s being a bitch on the set of Heroes and trying to get...

Hayden Flips Her Lid

Sounds like Hayden Panettiere needs a Midol-or a whole bottle.  Yesterday, when she arrived at a fundraiser supporting the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation, she spent most...

We Were HOW Close to a Mini Cheerleader?!

Everyone knows that Hayden and Milo are “ovah” but the reason why has remained a bit of a mystery. However, The Chicago Sun-Times thinks they have it all figured out.  Word has...

Caption This

Hayden Panettiere shills for Candie’s at an event in San Gabriel, CA this weekend.