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Halle Berry

Child Protective Services Are Getting Involved in The Halle Berry Mess

A photo of Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry

I’m so impressionable, you guys. Is Gabriel Aubry the villain here? Did Halle Berry orchestrate this whole thing? I don’t know. The only thing I know for sure is that Halle’s man, Olivier Martinez, is the asshole that knocks a guy unconscious and then makes a citizen’s arrest.

Oh, and I also know that things are about to get even worse in the aftermath of The Great Thanksgiving Debacle of 2012:

The L.A. County Department of Child Protective Services will be formally re-opening an abuse investigation involving Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s daughter, Nahla, following the Thanksgiving brawl between her father, Gabriel Aubry, and her mother’s current boyfriend, French actor Olivier Martinez, is exclusively reporting.

“Detectives from the LAPD formally contacted CPS after Gabe’s arrest, because Nahla was present when the fight occurred,” a source close to the situation tells Radar exclusively.

“Nahla wasn’t actually involved in the melee, and by all accounts, Halle whisked her out of the driveway as soon as the fight between Olivier and Gabe started. However, DCFS was contacted because there has been a history of allegations of physical abuse. Social workers will be interviewing Halle, Gabriel and Olivier about what happened on Thanksgiving. DCFS must ensure that Nahla’s environment is safe.”

Well, at least somebody’s looking out for Nahla, I guess. Regardless of who you think is most at fault in this situation, I think it’s clear that no one’s been thinking purely about what’s best for her. So let’s just hope everything works out for that baby’s sake, and that all these dumb adults can pull it together long enough to take care of her properly.

Halle Berry Wants A Permanent Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

A photo of Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, and Nahla

From TMZ:

Halle Berry is taking no chances … she’s going to court early this week for a restraining order against Gabriel Aubry after the blowout fight Thanksgiving day … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Halle and her lawyers are alarmed that Gabriel allegedly started the fight with Olivier Martinez right in front of 4-year-old Nahla. Although a judge issued an emergency order of protection — requiring Gabriel to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Nahla and Olivier – that order expires Tuesday.

We’re told Halle’s lawyers will be in family court asking a judge to extend that protection for an indefinite period of time.

TMZ broke the story … the bloody fight landed both Gabriel and Olivier in the same hospital ER. Gabriel was arrested and could be charged with criminal battery.

Sources tell us … Halle’s argument is pretty simple — if Gabriel can’t control himself enough to protect Nahla from emotional trauma, it’s too risky for him to be around the child, Halle, or her fiance … with whom he clearly has beef.

Halle has firepower behind the argument, because we know Halle’s lawyers argued before the same judge on previous occasions that Gabriel’s temper was uncontrollable.

When I told you guys about the Thanksgiving fight, I didn’t know a whole lot about the situation. I knew that Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry were having this big long custody battle, but I never really looked into it more because I just think Halle Berry is so boring. But now I’ve read about how Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny and about how he’s secretly racist, and I just think this whole thing is a mess.

Everybody has some issues here, you know? Gabriel shouldn’t have hit Olivier, but then Olivier did this to Gabriel “in self defense.” People have questioned Halle’s motives too, and how much she’s been spinning this whole story in her and Olivier’s favor. Basically, the only person who’s without a doubt, 100% innocent in this whole shit show is Nahla. And that’s sad.

Two Guys Broke Each Other’s Bones for Halle Berry

A photo of Halle Berry

Ok, this is going to be kind of complicated, since we don’t really pay attention to Halle Berry over here, but it’s a pretty big story, so let’s play catch-up, just in case you don’t know the back story.

See, Halle has this kid, Nahla, with professional hot ass, Gabriel Aubry. They broke up, and Gabriel still wanted to see his daughter, but Halle wanted to make it difficult. The custody battle started over two years ago.

So Halle meets this other dude, Olivier Martinez, and they got engaged. And they want to move to France, but Gabriel doesn’t want his daughter to move to France, because that’s kind of a long drive from L.A. So they fought about that for a while, then the judge was finally like “no, you can’t move to France, let your kid see her dad.” And Halle Berry got mad. And so did Gabriel, and so did Olivier. And the two dudes got in a fight.

From TMZ:

Gabriel Aubry was arrested Thanksgiving morning after a melee at Halle Berry’s house, which sent both Gabriel and Halle’s fiance Olivier Martinez to the hospital … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Gabriel showed up to Halle’s house with Nahla for a custodial hand-off. We’re told Gabriel was still in the motor court (a rich person’s word for a giant driveway) when Olivier walked up to him and said, “We have to move on.”

According to witnesses, Gabriel then pushed Olivier and threw a punch at his face, but Olivier blocked it and the punch struck him in the shoulder instead. We’re told Gabriel then pushed Olivier to the ground, and Olivier cold-cocked him in the face, and a struggle ensued, ending with Olivier pinning Gabriel to the ground.

In the struggle, Gabriel suffered a broken rib, contusions on his face, and possibly a more serious head injury. Olivier may have broken his hand and suffered neck injuries as well. There are conflicting accounts as to whether Gabriel was rendered unconscious in the fight.

Police were called and Olivier made a citizen’s arrest for battery against Gabriel. Gabriel was escorted to the ER and, ironically, Olivier went to the same ER an hour later. The two were just down the hall from each other.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a judge has issued an emergency protective order, which requires Gabriel to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.

And finally, there’s this … specifics about the argument between Gabriel and Olivier are sketchy because they were trash talking each other in French.

Gabriel went to jail for a few hours, and Olivier went home to Halle Berry. Fair, right?

Look, of course violence is bad. But Gabriel Aubry is just a guy who loves his daughter and who wants to be able to spend time with her. And he took her to Halle, and this asshole comes up to him and says “we have to move on.” Isn’t that shitty? I’m assuming the subtext was “you have to get over this and let us move to France, please just forget about your daughter because we really want to go to France,” and that’s why Gabriel didn’t waste any time in hitting him. But that was such a bitchy thing for Olivier to say, and Gabriel obviously came out worse in the fight. And he’s getting punished because his ex’s new guy is a douchebag.

I don’t know, guys. I’m not cool with violence, but I’m also not cool with assholes. What do you think?