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Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld Makes My Heart Flutter, Then Breaks It

Hailee Steinfeld pictures, photos

Hailee Steinfeld is just too gorgeous for words, but I must try anyway.

Fashion Week is almost here, and we will have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy numerous front-row celeb sightings at the runaways in Paris, Milan, London and (my favorite) New York , because if there’s one place celebrities feel more at home other than at a red carpet premiere, it’s a fashion show.  I guess they are attracted by the in free clothes, the champagne and the abominable numbers worn by sickly stick figures, otherwise known as haute couture. But then again, I can’t be a fashion critic because my style can be only qualified as “perpetually stuck in the ’90s thrift store chic”.

Hailee Steinfeld apparently knows more about this sort of a thing.  She mingles with designers, does a lot of brand name-dropping in interviews, and appears on the cover of Fashion magazine.  Duh.  She is probably my favorite actress from her generation, and I find her stunningly beautiful.  But I am afraid that she’s one of those girls whose words sadly cancel the charm of their appearance.  From the interview:

‘I love Prabal Gurung, so he’s always an option. I remember sitting in the front row to watch his show at fashion week and the music came on and all these gorgeous clothes had such a message.

‘All these strong-willed women—holding their own—walking down his runway looked as gorgeous as ever. I walked away feeling like that’s what I’d feel like when I would put his clothes on.’

Now, a lot can be said about how cruel the fashion industry can be, equally so to both people and the environment, and I don’t even want to go into how it objectifies women and promotes a certain superficial way of looking at things.  We can skip all that, but even then “strong-willed women holding their own” would be a stretch.

Hailee, girl, you are sweet, but I think the glamorous celebrity life has clouded your judgement a bit.  And if you guys disagree, get this: During Paris Fashion Week, Hailee also hung out with our favorite Taylor Swift.

Boy, oh boy.  I can only hope that Hailee will grow wiser in time – after all, she’s only 16 – and will not turn into a fashion snob, or worse, a delusional serial dater.

Hailee Steinfeld pictures, photos

Images via The Daily Mail.

‘Vogue’ Features Hollywood’s New Crew of Tiny Leading Ladies

No, no. Not tiny like, that kind of tiny. Tiny as in children.

These absolutely adorable photos of Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning, Chloe Moretz and Natalia Vodianova are in the new issue of Vogue, and they’re making me totally happy. Why? I guess it’s just so nice to see that a new generation of talented ladies is being recognized in such a fancy-ass way. I mean, what’s bigger than being in Vogue, huh?

What do you think about these girls? Do you think any of them could be the next big thing? I’ve got my money on the super cute Chloe Moretz.