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Greyson Michael Chance

Ellen Is Just The Best

A photo of Ellen Degeneres

Remember when that Greyson Michael Chance kid was on Ellen?  Ellen certainly does:  she’s making her own record label, and Greyson will be the first artist signed.  She’s said that Greyson inspired her to do this, and she’ll use the label to sign other artists she discovers.  Greyson, who is being co-managed by Madonna’s and Lady Gaga’s managers, will be on Ellen again today to perform an original song.

There are so many things that are lovely about this news.  For one, I’m excited about a Greyson Michael Chance album and I think he’ll save me, along with so many other young and impressionable girls, from Bieber Fever. For two, I just love Ellen for making a talented kid’s dreams come true, and also for being a generally hilarious and awesome human being.  But I think the best thing about this news is that Greyson is being managed by the people that manage Lady Gaga and Madonna.  It’s only up from here, Greyson!

Lady Gaga Is Secretly Crazy Jealous

If you watched Ellen yesterday or if you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably heard about this Greyson Michael Chance kid who sings songs on Youtube.  The video above is of Chance singing “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga. And it’s kind of better than the original.

Lady Gaga, who Chance says is his “number one inspiration,” phoned in to talk to him via Ellen, and it’s really odd to hear Lady Gaga speak to a child when I know all she wants is to be drunk. She told him to “keep following his dreams, work really hard, and stay away from girls.”  It sounds like Lady Gaga is just telling little Greyson the things she wished someone had told her back in the day, before she became the train wreck she is today.  And I know I linked to the same article twice, I just think it’s such a nice article, especially when placed alongside Gaga’s dealings with children.  I also know that she has an incredibly unique style and a whole lot of people like her music, but I don’t think magazine covers and album sales are going to fill that hole in her heart.

By the way, the video above is not the video from the Ellen performance, mostly because I like the overall feel of this video much more.  Check out the girls watching him with lust in their eyes.  That hilarity is my gift to you.