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Gloria Allred

Mel Gibson’s Mistress Lawyered Up

Just as it was with Tiger and Jesse, Mel Gibson is now treating us to a whoreclown car show. You know, it’s just like one of those clown cars at the circus, but filled with whores. One after the other, they’re popping out and demanding money. First there was Oksana, who, like Rachel Uchitel was for Tiger, will always be the queen bee of this scandal. Now there’s Violet Kowal, a polish fitness model, who claims that she and Mel were intimate during Oksana’s pregnancy. Nice.

Violet knows what she’s gotta do though. She’s following in the footsteps of homewreckers before her, hiring Gloria Allred as her attorney and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee’s manager to represent her. It’s unclear why she needs either kind of representation at this point, but you know, in case the strumpet shit hits the fan, it’s good have some people working for you. Or something. I guess.

Ugh. Please don’t sleep with people’s husbands or cheat on your wife. Thanks.

Rachel Uchitel Press Conference Cancelled, Tiger Woods Still in Lots of Trouble

Photo via NY Daily News

Photo via NY Daily News

Well, some serious biz is going down with this Tiger Woods/Rachel Uchitel/like three other chicks story and we’ve got a lot to catch up on. This has now turned in to the sort of debacle where Gloria Allred is involved. OK? That’s next level. When Allred’s involved, I’m all like “Tell me what’s up, Gloria?” So here’s a little round up of what’s been going on:

According to TMZ, the press conference with Rachel that was supposed to be held this morning has now been postponed due to a late night phone call between Rachel, her people, and Tiger. They point out that Gloria Allred is like a chess player, and that she’d never back down from a press conference with a client unless it was for a very good reason. There have been rumors that Rachel is being paid off to keep silent, but nothing like that has been confirmed at this point.

What has been confirmed is that Tiger and his people wanted and encouraged Rachel to lie in her initial statement and deny that she ever had sexual relations with the golfer. Well, that seems pretty obvious, but the confirmation definitely points to a shit-storm of guilt.

It’s going to be a rough couple of months for Tiger, publicly and most assuredly at home. It’s a good thing Jermaine Jackson has his back.