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The Season 3 ‘Glee’ Yearbook Photos Are Here!

A photo of Lea Michele as Rachel Berry on 'Glee'

Ah, class picture day: unless Mom was willing to spring for a laser portrait, what was the point, anyway?

So I assume FOX’s promotional pics are supposed to (somewhat) resemble genuine class photos. But the cast of Glee isn’t exactly awkward, so—unfortunately?—these promo shots for Season 3 aren’t quite the humiliating minefield/treasure chest your senior yearbook is.

In the interest of comparison, I have included one photograph of me and my 17-year-old self’s untweezed eyebrows in the gallery. Ha! Now that’s what an embarrassing yearbook photo is supposed to look like, FOX.

Image Gallery via Cinemablend

Glee Covers Bowie, Murders A Part of My Soul

For some reason, this horrible nightmare never seemed like a legitimate possibility. That wretched Lea Michele singing the words of the absolute master, David Bowie? It’s like kitten genocide: why would it even cross your mind? But that’s why things like this knock us down so hard, friends, because we don’t expect them. To quote the immortal words of Mad-Eye Moody, “constant vigilance!”

Glee butchered Bowie’s “Fashion” in order to promote Fashion’s Night Out, which, as far as I can tell, is just a big event to promote shopping. And that’s absolutely appalling to me, because not only did these people desecrate one of the purest forms of magic I’ve ever known, but they did it just to let people know that they should go shopping on September 8th because if they’re in a big enough city, they might get to meet a celebrity. And if this is what passes for a celebrity nowadays, bratty kids pissing all over good music, then I am not interested, not even a little bit.

It’s fun to get fired up over trivial things, isn’t it? But really, step off David Bowie. He’s too sacred.