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Ginnifer Goodwin

This is The Best Big Love Spoiler Ever.

Big Love premiere

For those of you who have been watching Big Love from the jump, you probably couldn’t help but notice that there’s always been some sexual tension/weird flirty thing going on between Margene and Bill’s youngest son Ben. Nothing’s ever happened between the two (because, well, that’s just really so many different kinds of uncomfortable, but according to series co-creator, this new season something finally is going to happen between the two. “We have flirted for three years with [that] relationship. And this year we finally decided to pay it off,” Olsen said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

What this is going to mean for the family is up in the air. Par of me is convinced it would ruin everything, but another part of me can’t help but wonder if they’d for whatever reason be OK with Bill kind of handing off Margie to Ben.

Ginnifer Goodwin, however, was completely torn about the move and said last week that her character “does something next season that in my own esteem is so horrible that I had trouble even performing it.”

Anyone else dying to see how this unfolds?

Who’s the New Guy, Ginnifer?


She split from former Katie Holmes fiance Chris Klein late last year, and today Ginnifer Goodwin was spotted at LAX with her new man. I’m not sure who this is, but he’s quite a cutie! Can anyone ID him? He looks a little like my imaginary boyfriend, Britney Spears’ “Toxic” hottie Matt Felker, but it’s definitely not the same guy.

Who is this???

He’s Just Not That Into You: Marie Claire Photo Shoot


Jennifer Aniston, Ginnifer Goodwin and Drew Barrymore — all stars of the critically panned He’s Just Not That Into You (I could have told you this film was gonna suck the instant they announced they were making it) — sat down with Marie Claire for a chat and a photo shoot.

Both are actually pretty adorable.

You can read a portion of the interview here. This is my favorite part:

Ginnifer Goodwin: I want alcohol.
Jennifer Aniston: [to waiter] Grey Goose on the rocks with lime and olives. [to the girls] Then I remove the olives. Not good for the eyes.
Drew Barrymore: Salt. I know. The days of being able to eat Chinese food and wake up looking OK the next day? Gone.
MC: [to Barrymore] Wait, you’re only having a Shirley Temple? That’s it?
DB: It’s a school night. [Barrymore is directing her first feature, Whip It!, and has been in the editing room all day.] I know there are some good, crazy, psychotic directors who can work and party. I just can’t.
JA: I know. There are actors who can do it, too – just be completely high. And you’re like, “He was on heroin? I thought that was just a really emotional performance. I never saw somebody cry like that!”

Jennifer: would you order the olives if you’re just going to take them out?

And stupid Marie Claire writer: Drew Barrymore has a loooong and well-documented history of drug and alcohol abuse? Why would you give her a hard time about ordering a Shirley Temple? Did you do any research at all?

Another Chris Klein Romance Bites the Dust

Katie Holmes’ former fiance has split from his girlfriend of two years, Big Love cutie Ginnifer Goodwin.

Says a pal of Ginnifer: “They realized they wanted different things. In the long run, the relationship wasn’t going to work.”

Awww, I kind of feel bad for Chris Klein. In fact, I always felt bad for him. Getting dumped by your fiancee for Tom Cruise? What a freakin’ nightmare. Like, does it get any more emasculating? I hope this kid finds a great relationship eventually.

So Happy Together!

He may have lost both Katie Holmes and the entire front section of his hair over the past few years, but Chris Klein did pick up one good thing: hottie Ginnifer Goodwin.

The cute new couple hit up the Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night.

Props to him for being brave enough to show his face in public these days. Just kidding. Sorta.