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Gerard Butler

The Fool & Ger-tard

That’s not the title of some esoteric French art flick. Those are the names Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler have supposedly been calling one another. Star Magazine is reporting that the...

Class Act!

While Travis Barker continues to undergo surgeries related to his devastating September plane crash, Shanna Moakler, well, makes out in clubs with Gerard Butler. Awesome.

300 Premieres in Tokyo

Once your film has conquered North America in all its arguably homoerotic glory, what’s next? Where can you bring this film where the violent nature, the man-love, and the fact that...

Gerard Butler Has a Penis

Are you one of the 80 billion people who saw 300 last weekend when it was still a movie I had honestly never in my life even heard of? Yes? Well then perhaps you are interested in these...