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Oh, Dear of the Day: Geri Halliwell Tried to Seduce George Michael

george michael geri halliwell

You’ve gotta love Geri Halliwell. She’s just hilarious – and totally, unabashedly nuts. She’ll sing Spice Girls in a pub to a bunch of old codgers who have no idea who she is, she’ll livetweet her Tube ride and she’ll try to bed hopelessly gay men… which is exactly what she did with George Michael upon meeting him back in the day. Eek, talk about barking up the wrong tree!

From The Sun:

The former Spice Girl was determined to bed the Careless Whisper star – having fantasised about marrying him.

But she misread the signs when the pair finally came face-to-face.

She said: “I’m totally off. My gaydar is useless – well it’s better these days.

“With George Michael years ago I’d made plans to marry him, I used to practise kissing with his poster.

“Then we met and I started being all flirty eyes, licking my lips and the sexy poses and I just felt there was nothing coming back.

“Then I was chatting on the phone to him and he starts talking about his boyfriend and I’m like ‘what? How could I be so wrong’!”

After the embarrassing misunderstanding the pair became close friends, and have helped each other through love splits and other tough times.

And the 40-year-old star reveals he is brutally honest about her music.

She said: “You know he’s the only celebrity friend I have, aside from the Spice Girls, that I tell all my secrets to.

“I have long chats with him, he’s like a brother. In the past I’ve played my music to him and sometimes he’d tell me it’s shit and other times it’s great.

“He’s very normal when you talk one-on-one with him.”

Geri, don’t feel bad – you weren’t alone in fantasizing about George Michael. I mean, I wasn’t with you, but thousands of women around the world were, to be sure.

George Michael Got In A Car Accident, But He’s Okay Now

george michael

George Michael recently completed another stint in rehab, but he’s made news again after he got into a “mystery” car crash on a motorway on Thursday and was taken to a local hospital. I should clarify that he was airlifted to hospital, where he was treated for “superficial cuts and bruises”. Great use of NHS resources, guys! Thumbs up all around. To be fair, they were worried he might have more serious unseen injuries, but luckily, he’s alright.

From Metro:

There had been fears that the singer, 49, suffered more serious injuries after being airlifted from the scene at junction 6A, near St Albans, Hertfordshire.

However, reports suggest the former Wham! star has now been released from hospital – and his long-term boyfriend Fadi Fawaz reiterated that George is ‘perfectly fine’.

‘Of course I was worried, but I spoke to him and he is good,’ said the 39-year-old.

‘He suffered a few bruises but there is nothing to worry about.’

The cause of the crash, that involved only the Range Rover in which the pop star was a passenger, remains a mystery pending a full investigation by the police.

And Fawaz added: ‘I have no idea what happened.’

A spokesman for the police force said: ‘The exact circumstances of what happened are unclear at this time and until further investigations have been carried out, it would be inappropriate for us to comment.’

Earlier, an East of England Ambulance spokesman said: ‘A man was immobilised on a spinal board as a precautionary measure, then flown to a trauma centre for further tests after receiving a head injury.

‘The injuries are non-life threatening.’

A spokeswoman for the Freedom singer had said: ‘George Michael was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a traffic accident, no third party was involved.

‘He is being treated for superficial cuts and bruises but is fine. We have no further comment at this time.’

I’m not sure why know one knows what happened since George Michael is alive and well to tell the tale of exactly went down. Did the police not think to take a statement on this at all? It seems a bit shady. I know he wasn’t the one driving or anything, but here’s hoping George isn’t going to need another trip to rehab.

George Michael Completes Rehab Without Anyone Knowing He Was There To Begin With

george michael

George Michael is a hot, drunk, drug-addicted mess, and while that’s partly why we still love him all these years later, it also is not really a good look for anyone wanting to continue a successful career and be a functioning human being. George himself finally realized this was the case and apparently checked himself to an 8-week rehab program at The Sanctuary in Byron Bay, Australia for “emotional anxiety and a drug disorder”, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The singer was rumoured to be battling a dependency on Valium since undergoing a tracheotomy in 2011 – the surgical remedy to a bout of life-threatening pneumonia that saw doctors put the singer into a medically induced coma for three weeks.

The Sanctuary, reportedly where supermodel Naomi Campbell did a spell in 2006 to overcome her demons, is a $40,000-a-week rehabilitation facility regarded as one of the best in the world.

George’s problems with prescription and recreational drugs have made world headlines since 2006.

Michael’s Australian-Lebanese boyfriend Fadi Fawaz this week denied he and his partner of 18 months have spent time at a Byron Bay rehab centre together. Fawaz, who returned to London two week ago, confirmed he was recently in the country but said he was here to visit his mother, who lives in Queensland and who had recently had an operation.

Michael, who has been inactive on his social network accounts since January, has gone to ground so effectively in recent months that on March 8 his spokesperson was forced to issue a denial that the 49-year-old had died.

Of course, the owner of The Sanctuary refuses to confirm that George was ever in attendance at the facility, since they pride themselves on being one of the most confidential rehab centers in the world, which is good because we don’t want any careless whispers let out… *rips off sunglasses* YEAHHHHHH!

‘Kay, bye.

George Michael Got Arrested For Drug Possession Again

With the exception of singing, George Michael’s greatest talent appears to be getting arrested. Yeah, the dude got arrested for drug possession again. He also got cited for driving drunk. Drunk and driving around with drugs over and over again. This guy is like an older, male Lindsay Lohan. So Michael Lohan, basically. But British.

Granted, George was found with just a little bit of weed this time (it could have been a lot worse), but with a 2007 arrest for driving while on prescription medication, this will probably keep him off the road for some time. He’s also been busted for crack possession, but he wasn’t driving that time. And of course we can’t forget that he was caught boning some old man in a public park.

I’m beginning to think that George has a punch card for jail or something. Like, maybe he thinks if he visits ten times, he gets a ten dollar credit at the commissary. Or something.

Also, you probably won’t regret watching this:

Lady Gaga’s Vagina is the Anti-Christ and Katy Perry’s Kind of Uncomfortable With That

katy perry twitter

I’m not opposed to Lady Gaga. She’s easy on the eyes and some of her songs are pretty catchy, I guess, but I’m not as hardcore about her as what some people clearly are. If she’s, you know, making music and touring, great. If she wasn’t, it probably wouldn’t be long before I kind of forgot who she was altogether.

However, somebody’s clearly all hot and bothered by Gaga’s antics, because a one-sided feud is brewing between Katy Perry and the Lady herself, and it’s either because Perry has some serious religion issues, or she’s just ticked because Gaga’s video blew her stupid “California Gurls” thing out of the water with the sexually-charged “Alejandro.” I mean, come on. Which would you honestly rather? Blue mermaid hair, sparkles and Snoop, or half-naked men, religious undertones and Madonna-esque stage grinding? I think the decision is pretty obvious, despite Snoop, and I’m not even remotely partial to either woman’s music.

Anyway, Katy blasted Gaga on her Twitter yesterday, citing her distaste for blasphemy and comparing it to the lowest form of entertainment, otherwise known as fart jokes. (And yeah, Katy, I think fart jokes are pretty funny … though some of you probably would have guessed that already.)

So, I don’t know. I think Perry’s being catty and silly, because it’s definitely not the first time that religion has been incorporated with music videos, sex and campiness. Anyone remember Madonna? Or, you know, Prince? Maybe George Michael? Yeah.

Sorry, Kitty Purry. Go be busy marrying Russell Brand and shut the fuck up. Your dry brand of Catholic-school humor just isn’t funny. I’d take a fart joke over your music, hell …. any day.

Have You Heard Of Grindr?

My BFF Edward was in Palm Springs all weekend for a huge gay event, The White Party. He was telling me all about it last night and he mentioned that one of the guys he was rolling with the weekend was using Grindr all weekend to meet and hook up with dudes. Basically, you check in with your phone to your location and you can see people who also have Grindr within a 10 mile radius. You can chat until you meet up, and then… ya know. Whatever. Personally we were both a little grossed out by it because that just ain’t really our style, but hey! It could work for some people… Like George Michael?

According to The Hamface, George used the app to get play from random hotties while he was in Australia recently, and his username (on his profile pic above) shows his commitment to scoring whenever and however. It was reported last month that the singer engaged in at least a couple make out sessions while down under. Damn! Technology’s out of control! Do you, George Michael! Do you.

Would you use a site like this to get some on the go?