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Gary Dourdan

CSI Star Lashes Out at TMZ Photog

Gary Dourdan from CSI Beats Up TMZ Photographer

Well, this is one way to get your name in the papers.

CSI star Gary Dourdan went apeshit on a TMZ photographer outside Hyde, beating him violently after mistaking him for someone else. You can check out video of the event here. According to TMZ:

Clad in leather biker gear, Dourdan violently grabbed our photog outside Hyde, who the actor had mistaken for another guy, and slammed him to the pavement several times, sending his head bouncing into concrete over and over again — all while his camera continued to roll.

The chaos began after Dourdan pulled up to the club on his Ducati motorcycle, and shouted at the photog to “get that f**king camera out of my face!” The photog obliged, pointing the camera to the ground — but Dourdan’s rage continued to grow, and the cameraman kept the record button on just in case something happened. Moments later, something happened.

As Dourdan launched his attack, other paparazzi can be heard screaming at Gary, desperately trying to make him stop. Moments after the assault, Dourdan threatened our photog again, saying, “I know all the cops around here, they’re my friends.”

Not very cool, Mr. Dourdan. If you don’t want photogs in your face, don’t fucking go to Hyde.