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Foxy Brown

Why Did Foxy Brown Get Kicked Off a Cruise Ship?

Damn. When I think of has-been rap divas losing their mind for practically no reason, I always think of Lil Kim. Still, it was Foxy Brown who was asked to leave a Royal Caribbean cruise because she freaked out after missing her manicure appointment.

From FoxNews:

Passengers on the cruise said Foxy set up a nail appointment on the cruise ship last Monday, a day after the cruise took off, and showed up three hours late.

The staff at the salon couldn’t accommodate her when she rolled around, and Foxy went completely ballistic, TMZ reports.

According to sources, security removed her from the salon and sent her back to her room — where she remained under supervision until Wednesday when the ship dropped anchor somewhere in the Cayman Islands and authorities kicked her off.

Foxy, who performed on board the day before the incident, was then escorted to an airport and flown home. Royal Caribbean had no comment, TMZ reports.

Ugh, just like a star to show up three hours late for an appointment and then throw a fit when they’re not immediately taken care of. Oh, wait. Foxy hasn’t been relevant in like, at least five years? Well, I don’t know what all this is about then.

Dane Cook’s Manager Not a Stand-Up Guy


I’m truly not trying to shake your faith in mankind but there does seem to be a theft and betrayal theme to the celebrity news stories tonight.

Darryl McCauley, manager to comedian Dane Cook, was arrested today on larceny and forgery charges.  In one incident, McCauley allegedly transferred $3 million from Cook’s account into his own.  It goes to show you how stupid criminals can be.  Did he really think Dane wouldn’t notice $3 million missing? 

Stealing from your boss is bad enough but here’s the real Happy Holidays for you:  Did I mention that McCauley is Dane Cook’s brother?  Yes, the fuck over came from his very own flesh and blood.