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Faye Dunaway

Hilary Duff Tries To Be Snarky

“I think that my fans that are going to go see the movie don’t even know who she is, so you know, uh, I think it was a little unnecessary but I might be mad if I looked like that now too.”

Clip 1:  Hilary Duff trying to be all badass and dismissive in response to Faye Dunaway’s statement that, in regards to the cast of the Bonnie and Clyde remake, Duff was not “a real actress.”

Clip 2:  Listen here Lizzie McGuire, I don’t know how to break this to you but, uh, you look a lot like a young Faye Dunaway-same equine features.  So Faye’s face is your future.  If you don’t believe me, watch the 1967 trailer of the original Bonnie and Clyde.

Faye Dunaway Is A Real Bitch

Hilary Duff has been cast in the remake of Bonnie and Clyde.  Faye Dunaway played Bonnie in the original version way back in 1967.  Upon learning of the Duffster taking over her role, she replied, “Couldn’t they at least cast a real actress?”  Oh, and I totally added the italics for emphasis, because you know that’s how she really said it.  Big talk from a chick who appeared in Dunston Checks In.

Mommie Dearest is my all-time favorite movie.  Ever.  It appears that playing this role wasn’t such a stretch for her after all.  What a bitch, huh? And no, despite what my kids may say, I didn’t use the screenplay as my blueprint for parenting.  Well, not extensively.