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Family Guy Brought Their Most Beloved Character Back To Life


Family Guy had a “what the hell?” moment when they killed off one of the most beloved characters, Brian the dog. It was a move that shocked viewers, especially because it was done in a pretty graphic way, and they even “treated” us to a shot of Brian’s mangled and blodied body. Well, good news everyone, they brought him back. Were they always planning to bring him back? Seth MacFarlane tweeted this:

I admit, I laughed out loud, and I’m not even a fan of Mr. MacFarlane. The death seemed so permanent though — they got a dog to replace him who even took his spot in the opening credits.

I’m glad Brian’s back and I don’t even watch the show regularly. Maybe they’ll bring the jokes with him. Because the show could use some good jokes. Not that bullshit, “that reminds me of the time I went gokart racing with Bea Arthur in the early ’80s” kind of joke they’re so fond of.

Are you guys relieved he’s back? Honestly, I hate when cartoons get “too real.” Weirds me out.

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Family Guy Wants an Emmy…Badly

Family Guy Wants an Emmy

The peeps over at Family Guy aren’t playing around when it comes to getting their Emmy nomination this year. The guys over there have put together a “for your consideration” packet that, in addition to being hilarious, is pretty unforgettable.

Along with a Precious-themed card (seen above), the packet they sent out to Emmy voters included these other hilarious taglines and endorsements:

Family Guy – written by 8 WASPS, 6 Jews, 2 Asian and 1 Gay.

We peaked 3 years ago, so by your logic we should get an Emmy now

You have to vote for us — we did a holocaust episode

Family Guy with Tina Fey… Not really, we just want an Emmy

Ha! “We peaked 3 years ago, so by your logic we should get an Emmy now.” Too true. Let’s hope they get their wish.