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So, Evil Beet has decided to take another grand step into the new millennium, and in doing so, has decided to give the site a new, fresh look! I know—some of you are groaning and shaking your fists and promising to never come back to the site again if we even slightly change the color formatting of the comments, and guys.


I hear you. I’m generally so resistant to change that I get stomachaches when I realize that—oh my God, horror of all horrors—I have to use the backup laundry detergent* instead of my favorite, regular detergent, which I somehow didn’t even realize that we were out of the last time I finished a load of whites. I’m slipping, there.

But I promise you. I promise—the designs are fun and user-friendly and definitely easy to engage with. And because we love you guys so, so much, we want your input. Below in the gallery are three different concepts that I’d like you to take a gander at, and with our lovely polling tool, vote for your favorite. Note: Just because one particular design scheme happens to be a “favorite” doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be The Design We Implement, but your input will factor heavily in our decision, rest assured.

Finally, any comments and/or suggestions are welcome—and as always, leave it in the comments!

Check out design number one:

photo of evilbeetgossip site redesign number one pictures

And design number two:

photo of evil beet gossip redesign pictures

And last, design number three:

Also, you can click through the gallery images to enlarge and inspect at your leisure, which I recommend you do before you vote, because you’ll probably want to go through the details with a fine-tooth comb before making any kind of important decisions. I just know you like that.


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*Also, the only reason a creature of habit like me even has “backup laundry detergent” is because when I had the flu a few months ago, I sent my husband to go grocery shopping alone and it’s what he came home with. Honestly. Have you ever?

Do You “Beet Off” at Work, Too?

She does!

And oh snap, she does, too!

Come on now, come clean—do you beet off at work? Or hey, do you want to beet off at work (or home, or church, or your boyfriend’s house, whatever)? Then enter to win our weekly Caption This contests, where you can win this shirt. It’s awesome. I have one, of course, and people literally stop me in the grocery store to read what’s on the front of it (f-ck yes I wear this bitch grocery shopping). Some people give me really dirty looks and some people crack up laughing. I guess it really kind of shows who’s got a sense of humor and who doesn’t, but I just know that all of you guys really, really do (OK, well, most of you).

You can also win this shirt by doing generally awesome things like being the week’s most-commenting reader; by, you know, starting virtual fights in the comment threads (kidding. Kind of); and by just happening to be one of the lucky ones drawn to win a random. In order for that last one, though, you have to be a follower through our social media (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest) so we know where to find you and surprise you and STALK YOU.

Get on it! I want to see you all beeting off!