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Eve Spilled Gwen Stefani’s Secret

eve fashion week

Eve made a blunder when she revealed a personal secret of Gwen Stefani‘s. In an interview with Live Nation (reported via Daily Mail), the rapper was asked about a possible collaboration with Ms. Stefani, which Eve shot down by saying,

Well she’s preggers….she’s chilling.

Guys, we gotta stop with the word “preggers.” Anyway this is a secret considering that while rumors have been circulating that Gwen and Gavin are expecting their third child, no one’s said anything. It’s like when JLo’s little man blurted out that she was back on American Idol before Ms. Lopez got to announce it.

I guess it could happen to any of us, but you’d think they’d be a little more careful. And if Eve is wrong, that’s an even bigger mess.


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This is Why I Love Eve

This past Wednesday, Wendie wrote about a video Chris Brown posted to Youtube in which he and Lil Bow Wow defended Brown’s reputation in a language so badly mangled that it could only be identified via its dental records as English.

Later that same day, Eve took to her twitter account and told Chris Brown exactly what she’d do to him if he came at her the way he came at Rihanna:
Rapper Eve Tweets About Chris Brown

Rapper Eve Tweets About Chris BrownRapper Eve Tweets About Chris BrownRapper Eve Tweets About Chris BrownRapper Eve Tweets About Chris BrownAfter Kanye told us all we should “give him a break” and Diddy invited him over to stay at one of his mansions while Brown was hiding from the paps, I’m so glad that a big hip-hop star like Eve has had the guts to speak truthfully about this ugly, disgusting incident.
Eve is fed up with the way Brown’s actions are being overlooked and accepted, writing that she’s “so sick of the media trying to sugar coat a serious issue.”


Eve at JET Nightclub in Las Vegas

She is everywhere.

You guys, I know it must seem like I’ve run a lot of Eve pictures lately, but, you guys, I even skipped some. Wherever there is a photographer, that is where you will find Eve. SCRAM bracelet and all. Honestly, she is showing up on WireImage with a Paris Hilton frequency. (And speaking of Paris, she’s been suspiciously absent lately, given both Fashion Week and the VMAs.)

Apparently she’s done with Fashion Week, and has hit up the west coast in preparation for the VMAs. She was spotted in JET in Las Vegas, at a party hosted by an adorably blonde Nelly (the “I’m Like a Bird” one, not the “I’m just kiddin like Jason … unless you’re gonna do it” one).

Nelly Furtado is Blonde, at JET Nightclub in Las Vegas

This Is Getting a Little Bit Ridiculous



Eve and her SCRAM bracelet were at Tenjune’s first anniversary party in NYC last night.

She has been at four events with WireImage photographers in the past two days. I know it’s Fashion Week and all, but nobody else is showing up in this many photos. Homegirl is driven.

All About Eve



I don’t know why I’m obsessing over this, and I’m sure you guys are getting a little annoyed with it, but all of a sudden Eve is everywhere. She is showing up at seriously every event at NYC Fashion Week, and she’s getting her ass in almost every picture. It’s phenomenal! Out of 25 pictures on WireImage from this event, Eve is in 24 of them.

She hit up the MAC lounge, where she was hosting an event with Gwen Stefani. She’d changed her clothing from earlier in the day, but the jewelry is the same. And she found jeans that cover her SCRAM bracelet! That’s a bummer — I get such a kick from seeing that thing in every picture.