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Eva Mendes


Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes both look positively edible at the launch party for The Spirit in London on Thursday.

Scarlett in particular looks younger and happier than I’ve seen her look in forever. Did she have work done — or is marriage just treating her really, really well?

I’m Too Sexy for American Television

Here’s the new Calvin Klein ad featuring Eva Mendes, and, for just a second, Eva Mendes’ nipple.

It’s been banned in the U.S., because nipples will corrupt our children. Seriously, the biggest problem facing today’s youth? Nipples.

Anyway, CK’s probably getting more exposure for this damn perfume by having this commercial banned than they would have if it actually aired. The only time I’ve watched commercials during the past five years is when they’re on YouTube or during the Super Bowl. I don’t think I’ve watched live TV since, like, Dawson’s Creek was still filming new episodes.

Eva Mendes: Sober and Shopping


Here’s newly rehabbed and, coincidentally, newly A-list celeb Eva Mendes doing some shopping at Calvin Klein.

I think it’s funny, because the public never really knew Eva had a drinking or drug problem, because she wasn’t a big enough star for the press to be dogging her every drunken exploit, a la Lohan or Kiki Drunkst. But now that’s she’s actually been in rehab, you better believe the paps are waiting with bated breath to catch her relapse on tape.

Ironic, isn’t it?

I wish you all the best, Ms. Mendes.