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Eva Longoria

Barry O’s Ladies Did a Video Supporting Barry O

Did you guys watch last night’s Presidential Debate? Because oh man, was it bad. Matter of fact, they’ve *all* been pretty terrible, and I think that anyone who’s willing to publicly identify with either candidate so much so that they’d make a video that’s been seen on YouTube almost ten thousand times since last night is pretty brave. Don’t get me wrong. I know who I’m voting for come November 6th (hint: it’s not the guy that has “binders of women,” OK?). I just worry that the real issues aren’t being paid much attention, especially when I’m hearing things about Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s soup kitchen fiasco, and Mitt Romney‘s offshore accounts and his amended IRS returns, and of course, our very own Barry O’s comments on how American Idol is going to work out.

I worry, guys, and while I think it’s nice that women like Scarlett and Eva and Kerry are into the important issues, I don’t feel that those are the ones getting the most attention by either Presidential candidate, and that’s sad. And scary.

Well Hello, Eva Longoria’s BUM

photo of eva longoria pictures
The photo in question depicts a very ample, very naked Eva Longoria ass, so I’ve left it after the jump, because I know I get funny looks every time I’m caught looking at naked people on dem Internetz in public.

Congratulations to Eva for appearing on the site after a year-and-a-half hiatus, in which she was last linked to Kim Kardashian, who everyone knows makes people fade into obscurity when she’s done with them.

Ah, Eva Longoria. The woman who famously had her vagina tattooed with the letters TP especially for the man who broke their wedding vows and slept with half of a large city. What else could we expect from such a woman?

Jump in for the boo-tay.

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Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria Go Flapper for the Weekend

picture of kim kardashian flapper boobs photos

Eva Longoria turned thirty-six this past weekend, you know. And to commemorate the event, she decided to throw a 20′s flapper-themed birthday party, and guests like Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and someone who looked suspiciously like Soledad O’Brien (it’s not – sorry, guys, I watched waaaayyy too much CNN this weekend, so I’m seeing Soledads and Anderson Coopers everywhere) partying it up in 1920′s attire. Tony Parker, naturally, was nowhere in sight.

Also, in light of recent events, and because the aforementioned Anderson Cooper ALSO thinks it’s a good idea (and who doesn’t love AC), why don’t you guys text REDCROSS to 90999 – it sends a $10 donation to the Red Cross, who are fighting to aid the quake and tsunami victims in Japan and other devastated areas.