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Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Is Totes Happy Being Single, Guys!

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Eva Longoria may be ready for love, but she wants you to know that she’s totally happy being on her own, too! She has tons of friends (who I assume are also single) that hang out at her house and they all cook together and have pillow fights and watch Brad Pitt movies and prank call boys. Life is so fun!!

Okay, I kid, but seriously – why in the hell are we always talking about who Eva is or isn’t dating? My eyes are rolling so far back in my head that I nearly can’t see the screen to type anymore. I don’t really think that’s her fault, either. Ever since Tony Parker cheated on her, all anyone wants to talk about is when she’ll get another man in her life. Bah.

From Hello (via DS):

”I’m happily single right now, very busy enjoying life.”

She added: ”My friends are always there for me. We’ve known each other for 20 years and I still see them almost every day because they live with me in LA.

”They’re amazing. We cook together, laugh together; it’s just always nice to come home to a home that is always full.”

Kewl story, girl. Sounds like my nightmare (I’m antisocial, if you couldn’t tell), but I’m happy for you! In all seriousness, there ain’t shit wrong with hanging out with your girlfriends and watching shitty TV while you eat an entire pizza, so how about everyone just leaves her alone?

Eva Longoria’s Ready For Love Again – Any Takers?

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Eva Longoria is pretty bad at love, I guess (she can’t even keep a TV show about it on air – zing!), but it doesn’t have to be this way! There’s someone out there for everyone! Love comes when you least expect it! All the other things people say to single women here!

Anyway, while she’s recently been linked to some dude who was on Ready For Love named Ernesto Arguello, she insists that’s not true, but she is open to a relationship with a nice guy should he come along. Basically, stop making bullshit reports about her dating life, everybody.

From Extra:

“I’m always ready for love. Apparently, I’m ready for love with everybody because I’m linked to everybody. People always want to make assumptions on your life, and so when I started to produce a show about love, then all of a sudden love became the topic for me.”

Fair enough, girl. In all seriousness, Eva seems like an alright lady and a “total catch“, as they say, so I’m sure love will come her way soon.

Eva Longoria Was Praised For Starving Herself

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Eva Longoria sat down with my favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, to talk about…I have no idea, I didn’t watch the show, I don’t know what the topic was. But somehow, her divorce came up, the one from NBA star Tony Parker. And that’s when Ms. Longoria revealed something that made me so sad. She was so depressed over her divorce that she couldn’t eat — and started getting compliment on how skinny she got.

From the Doctor Oz show (via Radar):

I was not eating. I was depressed. I was sad. My diet was coffee. … So people kept saying, ‘You look amazing. Divorce agrees with you.’ And I was like, I don’t feel good. I have no energy. … I didn’t know I was depressed. I mean, I knew it was a sad moment in my life, but I wouldn’t categorize myself as depressed.

She went to the doctor to get some tests done. The results were,

[I] was just depleted of every vitamin. … [The doctor] said, ‘it’s as if somebody took a straw and sucked everything out of your body. You don’t have any iron, your liver’s overacting.’

That makes me so sad. This woman is actually malnourished and depressed but the important thing is that she’s skinnier than ever! It makes me wonder what is going on with Kate Bosworth and Angelina Jolie. I just want everyone to be happy. I just want it to be okay to not be skinny. The thing is though, looking at recent photos of Eva Longoria, she looks as skinny as ever. Well, okay, not as drastic as this photo, which was taken in November of 2010, the same month she divorced.

eva longoria 2010 mtv

I’m glad she’s feeling healthy again! Sorry about your show, Eva!