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Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s Hair is Growing Out Just So Nicely, Don’t You Think?

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If there’s anyone in Hollywood I love with a deep, all-consuming love, it’s Emma Watson. Truly, I do. She’s so adorable and fresh-faced and real, and you just know that she’s going to do *something* big in her time here on Earth, whether it’s film-related or otherwise. Smart girl, hot girl, definitely going places. Love this bitch.

And here she is, once again the face of the Elle UK cover, and she looks positively marvelous, and even if she does have a shady boyfriend, it’s OK, because Hermione Granger would never ultimately do anything reckless, feckless, or otherwise stupid, you know?

Turns Out Emma Watson’s New Boyfriend Is Super Shady

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I know, it’s sad, right? You’d really think that Emma Watson would be too sassy to put up with some triflin’ man, but it happens to the best of them, I suppose. Everybody loves love these days.

But how exactly is Emma’s new beau bad for her? Well, it seems like back in 2006 he achieved an impressive feat by having two run-ins with the police in the same week – once for speeding, and once for underage possession of alcohol – and also some friends are reporting that she’s being “completely consumed” by him. Uh oh.

From Star via Celebitchy:

“Emma is incredibly smitten with Johnny,” a pal tells Star. “Unfortunately, she’s fallen for a guy who isn’t as clean-cut and straight-laced as he seems. Johnny is a typical Hollywood bad boy and player, and her friends are worried she will get hurt.”

But the 21-year-old actress doesn’t seem to see any faults in her new boyfriend and has become “completely consumed” by him, says the pal. “She’s even thinking about blowing off her studies and not returning to school. She wants to just travel with him instead.” Emma is scheduled to attend England’s University of Oxford this fall. But Johnny, who met the Harry Potter actress on the set of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, may not want to shift his priorities for his British babe.

“People think he’s usng her to raise his profile,” the friend explains, voicing concerns that all Johnny will do is hurt Emma. “All she has ever wanted was to fall desperately head over heels in love, and she feels like she’s finally found that. She won’t listen to her pals and is falling for all the sweet things he’s saying.

Oh, Emma, please. Not returning to school? Just consider this: what would Hermione do?

Does Emma Watson Have a Boyfriend?

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You guys know who Johnny Simmons is? Well if not, you better familiarize yourself right fast. Here he is:

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He’s apparently the virginal Emma Watson‘s new boyfriend, and guys? He’s hot. I mean, for a younger guy. He’s twenty-five. I’m only twenty-eight, but he just looks … so much younger than most guys I know, but a plus? He’s from Texas. I have never met someone from Texas that I didn’t like. Also, with the -ahem- one intimate experience that I had with someone living in Texas, I can attest to the fact that everything really is bigger in Texas.

The two met on the set of their newest film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and if they’re getting caught in public kissing, then it’s just GOT to be a thing, you know?

You go, Emma – but if you break her heart, Johnny Simmons, you – and Texas – will be dead to me. The affair will be OVER.

Love It or Leave It: Emma Watson’s Latest Lancome Ads

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How gorgeous does Emma Watson get practically every day? GORGEOUS. These latest Lancome shoots are no exception, either. I know I might be a little bit biased, because I am a Harry Potter MANIAC, but even the biggest non-HP fans have to agree – this is one beautiful girl who’s growing to be more and more beautiful as the years go by. And talented, too. Have I mentioned “talented”? I can’t wait to see more acting from this girl. She’s one we’re going to want to watch in years to come, I think.

Do you guys have as big a hard on for Emma as I apparently do?

For Those of You Who STILL Haven’t Caught Yourself Up on Harry Potter

Here’s a video just for you! Though the dudes are quite annoying (accurate, yes, and efficient as well, but that doesn’t absolve them from almost giving me an epileptic fit with their rapid-fire speech), their information is spot-on. If you haven’t gotten the low down on what’s happened in the previous movies before seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, I strongly suggest you – try – to watch this.

Also, did any of you see the film last night? DID YOU LOVE IT?

Wouldn’t You Just Love to See Emma Watson in A Fat Suit?

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Other people would love to see Emma Watson in a fat suit, right? Oh, please don’t let this just be me, I don’t want to get some weird fetishist label. To clarify, this isn’t something I’ve been daydreaming about when I think about how lovely Emma is or anything. This is a desire that just came on suddenly, right after I read that in this last movie, we’re actually going to see it.

Here’s Emma discussing the filming of the infamous Deathly Hallows epilogue:

It was really interesting and challenging. The thing that was hardest was trying to imagine that I had children that I was sending off to school. That was really strange. And it was weird that I was seeing these guys that I’d grown up with suddenly looking old. But it was fun. It felt nice to do that scene, but it really felt as if we had completed that journey fully as we possibly could. We had makeup on. I had, like, a little fat suit that changed my figure a little — it changed the shape of my body a little. And I had a wig and teeth in. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was really going to freak me out.

I can barely stand the wait to see Deathly Hallows this Thursday, but knowing that I’m going to get to see Hermione all bogged down with the baby weight from little Rosie and Hugo? Man, this is almost going to be TOO wonderful.

Love It or Leave It: Emma Watson Slicks Her Hair Back

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This girl. is so. cute. Seriously. That jumping-yelling picture down below? Probably one of the more adorable things I’ve seen this week. With regard to the “love it or leave it” thing, definitely love it. I’d never leave it. It’s Hermione-frigging-Granger, for crying out loud. Though she probably laments the fact that she’s probably always going to be little Hermione Granger to me (and a lot of others too), it’s a good thing, a wholesome thing.

Please Emma, promise me: no nipslips or glaring upskirts ever. Do we have an agreement?

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