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Love It or Leave It: Emma Watson’s New Lancome Ad

A photo of Emma Watson

God, Emma Watson is so pretty. It’s odd because Hermione Granger was supposed to be a sort of plain girl with bushy hair and messed up teeth, so I get really confused when I see her, because she’s so pretty. And this new Lancome ad is, as they say, off the hook.

The ad is for their new collection for spring called In Love, and it’s pretty wonderful. I believe this is the first makeup ad I’ve ever seen that made me actually want to buy makeup too, so well done, guys. I especially love the lipstick. Am I right in coveting it, or does it just look so good because Emma’s wearing it? Can I take this ad to Ulta and say “give me all of these things”? Makeup is hard.

But this girl is so, so pretty.

Let’s Love Emma Watson Some More Today, OK?

photo of emma watson io donna pictures interview photos
Blah blah blah let’s all fawn over Emma Watson because this is what we do and really, there’s not a bad thing that anyone could say about this sweet darling of a lady. From IO Donna, Emma on the difference between her Harry Potter character, Hermione, and Charlie in Perks of Being a Wallflower:

“I grew up working on the set of Harry Potter, a world quite isolated and so it wasn’t hard for me to understand the character of Charlie. Like him, I felt a constant desire to be accepted, to feel normal.”

On what it’s like to film a movie based on high school, when in reality, Emma never attended high school herself:

“I did a crash course in high school! In seven weeks I focused everything I had ever done: dancing, games, fraternities. A perfect voyeuristic experience.”

Emma on growing and changing and learning to accept herself—which is awesome at the young age of
twenty-two years old:

“I only recently learned to feel good in my skin. The sad thing is that no one can teach you anything, only you can learn from your experiences.”

Finally, Emma on how cutting her hair was actually an intention to rid herself of the Hermione notoriety:

“I’m glad that I can see in a new incarnation, so I can change, to grow. I was, to say the truth, a little shaken by such a fuss [of those talking about my short hair on the Internet], but it’s always flattering to be on the minds of my fans. I needed, however, to get rid of Hermione.”

Check out the photos in the gallery of our very darling, very lovely, Emma Watson.

Quotables: Emma Watson and Rupert Grint Are Very Close

A photo of Rupert Grint and Emma Watson

“Rupert gave me a beaver when we all left. He sponsored a beaver for me for a year.”

- Emma Watson tells us all of the gift that Rupert Grint gave her when they were done filming the last Harry Potter movie.

This was just a small little part from this interview that Emma did about the cast of Harry Potter. She discussed her relationships with different cast members, and how there was no romance at all between herself and Rupert or Daniel Radcliffe (she says “I never so much as pecked one of them on the cheek”), but that she did have a crush on Tom Felton, hot ass Draco Malfoy, when she was 10 because “he was a few years older than me and had a skateboard.”

You know, that’s neat information and all, and I will never skip out on the chance to learn more about anything at all even remotely related to Harry Potter, but I just really think the beaver quote sold the whole thing, don’t you?

Love It or Leave It: Emma Watson’s Sideboob Dress

photo of emma watson pictures sideboob pic
Aww, look, it’s Emma Watson being all cute and hot and unassuming! Is it safe to say that this young woman gets more and more amazing (and more and more beautiful and charming, too) as she gets older? Is it also safe to say that she’s reached the age of twenty-two years old relatively unscathed, and probably won’t go the route of, say, Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes? No, I think Emma’s got this fame thing on lockdown, and it probably has all to do with Harry Potter and all that business. I think that anyone worth their salt will tell you, Harry, Ron, and Hermione will probably lead a “charmed” existence for the rest of their time on this earth because of the franchise’s “magical” powers. Ha.

You can check out a few full-length photos in the gallery, but really, why bother? It’s not as if Emma’s got tits on her ankles or anything.

Emma’s look—love it or leave it?

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Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, and Jennifer Lawrence Walk into A Bar …

And they had a drink and some food and a perfectly lovely time. What a lame joke, right?

But, as you can see in that video, Emma Watson herself confirms that Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence did finally meet and make friends, and also that “they’re both lovely. They’re both super, super sweet.”

So yeah, no cat fights or screaming matches or thrown drinks or boyfriend stealing. Just dinner and drinks. Is everything we’ve ever been told a lie?

Emma Watson Is Growing Out Her Hair Because of Dudes

A photo of Emma Watson

On Monday, Sarah shared a bunch of quotes from darling Emma Watson‘s interview with Glamour, and we all felt a bunch of warm fuzzies for our dear Hermione Granger. But a new quote is making the rounds now, and I think it’s pretty interesting.

See, Emma made the decision to start growing out her adorable pixie cut when a bunch of douchebag dudes told her it didn’t look good:

“If I had it my way, I would have just kept it short forever. Of course, men like long hair. There’s no two ways about it. The majority of the boys around me were like, ‘Why did you do that? That’s such an error.’ And I was like, ‘Well, honestly, I don’t really care what you think!’ I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair — I felt really good in my own skin.”

Well, ok, she didn’t directly say that she’s growing out her hair because “men like long hair,” but that’s kind of what she hinted at, right? Her phrasing is sort of confusing – she’d prefer to have short hair, but men don’t like it, but she doesn’t care what men think. Then why doesn’t she have short hair? She can obviously get wigs or extensions for movies and modeling gigs. What’s the problem?

Also, I wish dudes would just mind their business when it comes to ladies’ hair. When I cut all my hair off, I had multiple women tell me that they would love to have short hair, but their husbands or boyfriends wouldn’t let them cut it. Like, that was the phrasing they would use, “he won’t let me.” And I get that you’re attracted to what you’re attracted to, but come on now, bros. You’re not in a relationship with hair, and unless you’ve got some weird fetish I don’t know about, you’re not having sex with hair. That long hair that you like looking at sometimes is your girl’s business, not yours.

Basically, please chop it off again, Emma. You love it, it loves you, and girl. You so pretty.