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Emma Stone

Emma Stone: Still The Greatest

A photo of Emma Stone

The release of the new Spider-Man movie is just around the corner, so I guess Emma Stone is doing a lot of interviews to promote it. It’s a wonderful, magical time when Emma has something big to promote, because otherwise she tends to keep things a little too low-key for me to be able to really obsess over her the way I want to. That’s what this is, by the way. So just gear up for that.

Her newest interview is just as darling as the last, so let’s go ahead and get into it, shall we?

Being adorable: She lets out a gigantic, honking cough. “I feel like I need to eat a little something because I have postnasal drip,” she says, clearing her throat. “Not to brag,” she adds in a goofy-smarmy voice.

On her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield: “Not too shabby, eh?”

On being private: “I’d tell you everything if that thing wasn’t here,” she says apologetically, gesturing at the tape ­recorder. “It’s just not necessarily stuff I want the whole world to read and have an opportunity to comment on. I’m sorry, I hate to be that actress who says”—girlish voice—“?‘I don’t talk about my personal life,’eeesh. I was such a fan as a kid, and there were so many people I wanted to know about. I understand it; I just can’t bring myself to do it. I freak out having a Facebook.”

On paparazzi: One morning, an editor at Us Weekly saw her and Garfield at brunch at this very restaurant and alerted photographers, who swarmed the place and followed them to their apartment, where the paparazzi set up camp and refused to budge for over a month. “One guy told me, ‘This is my job. I’m going to be here every day now,’?” Stone says. “I cried in front of this guy. When you hear this at eight o’clock in the morning, you’re like, Oh my God, my life as I know it is gone.

On foot haters: She doesn’t seem to have a lot of haters, not even on the Internet, unless you count the poster on Wikifeet, “the collaborative celebrity foot-fetish website,” who finds her toes a little bony. “Is this grounds for retirement?” she deadpans. “Be really, really, brutally honest.”

Her worst quality: “I ­project things onto situations that aren’t necessarily happening,” she says when I ask what her worst quality is. “Oh, yeah,” she says. I must look surprised: I was expecting a joke about a vestigial tail or something. “I’m really going to go there. This is like a historical ‘I have dealt with it in therapy’ type of thing. I’ll think that someone is saying something or thinking something, and I’ll react emotionally as if that were the truth. Sometimes I think someone is whispering to someone else about me, and I get sad, and then I’m reacting like I’m sad for hours when it really isn’t happening.” She pauses. “For the rest of the night, I’m going to think about how I told you that.”

On looks: “The pretty thing … It was never a value to me growing up,” she says. “I always thought I was like the goofy, wonky one.”

Would a lengthy heartfelt fan letter be creepy, or would it be worth a shot?

Emma Stone Covers Vogue

photo of emma stone vogue july 2012 pictures
As if she wasn’t lucky enough to star in a movie where she gets to HAVE SEX with Ryan Gosling, she’s completely and utterly gorgeous and charming, too. Some girls have all the luck. And yeah, even though this post is about Emma Stone, I’m going to go right ahead and talk about Eva Mendes for a second, because girlfriend there is a stark comparison to Emma Stone. Eva Mendes might get to have sex with Ryan Gosling, but she will never, never, never (did I say “never”? Because I definitely mean never) have that particular charming x-factor that Emma Stone practically oozes. And that, my friends, is why I’m not completely jealous of Eva Mendes for boning Ryan Gosling and trying to get knocked up in time for a shotgun wedding. No, because there’s so many better ladies that Ryan could be porking, and if it weren’t for that Andrew Garfield dude—another person whose appeal is questionable to me—it could happen. It could happen. And I would love it, truth be told.

Here’s a few mini-excerpts from Vogue‘s spread and commentary:

Emma on what she does for a living:
“I’m not saving lives. But I get to tell stories, and that’s a pretty important task.”

On being comical growing up:
“Comedy was my sport. It taught me how to roll with the punches.”

How she feels about fashion:
“It makes them feel like it’s an extension of themselves.”

“Amazing Spider-Man” Producer Matt Tolmach on Emma:
“She’s stunning, so she’s disarming.”

“Amazing Spider-Man” co-star/boyfriend Andrew Garfield on Emma:
“Working with Emma was like diving into a thrilling, twisting river and never holding on to the sides.”

“Amazing Spider-Man” Director Marc Webb on Emma:
“A lot of young actresses are either very serious or doe-eyed. Emma sidesteps that.”

Gosh. Isn’t she just the most?

Your Daily Gosling Squad

photo of ryan gosling gangster squad pics
The official trailer for Ryan’s latest movie, Gangster Squad, is here, the movie in which he’s reunited with his Crazy, Stupid Love co-star Emma Stone*. Check it out:

First, let me say that I will probably never look at Sean Penn again without automatically thinking “Scarlett Johansson sex, Scarlett Johansson sex,” and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You know how sometimes someone can be marginal-looking, and then they have this hot piece of ass latch onto them for whatever reason, and that hot piece of ass makes them hotter by association? That’s what we’ve got going on here, I think (but then again, I haven’t had my first cup of coffee yet, so I could be mistaken on that one). Second. Why is Ryan Gosling using his weenie voice to talk throughout this film? Is his gangster name supposed to be Tiny or something? Will all of the other gangsters in the squad look bigger than he is through trick photography? Or did they think that Weenie Voice would be a stark contrast to Ryan Gosling With a Tommygun? I don’t know. Third? It actually looks pretty decent. Way better than I thought it would, anyway.

*Now here’s what I really wanted to talk about: wouldn’t Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together—in real life—be the hotness? Yeah, I know that Ryan’s all strung out on f-cking Eva Mendes and her stupid crapbag sense of fashion and what not, and Emma’s hung up on that true weenie, Andrew “Spiderman Dick” Garfield (which I really, really don’t get, because I’m not into pre-pubescent-looking dudes), but if we could peel Emma and Ryan away from their respective significant others for a few minutes in real life, I bet they could hit it off. I really, really do. And then you’d never hear me make any kind of snide remark whatsoever about the lady in Ryan’s life, because I love Emma Stone and I think that Ryan’s just as worthy of her as she is of him. And then they all lived happily ever after, the end.

FASHION: The 5 Best Dressed at the 2012 Met Gala

photo of carey mulligan met gala pictures
Every year the Met Gala happens in New York City, and every year it’s the same thing: super-big-name celebrities are invited gratis, and other, more fledging celebrities have to pay through the nose to secure admission (no joke—Kate Upton paid $25k for her ticket and she does CAT DADDY), and you have good fashion and bad fashion and not a whole lot in between. The event’s always cool, though, because you get to see the best and the worst of celebrity fashion and this year was no exception.

In today’s list, we have Jessica Biel, who wouldn’t be on this list if it weren’t for her engagement to Justin Timberlake (that’s actually not true, but it’s probably how she feels about the situation); Emma Stone, who looks like every little-girl-who-prefers-red-instead-of-pink’s fairy princess come true; Marion Cotillard and bangs that are as short and choppy as that one time when I cut my own with meat scissors back in after I saw them on some girl on E! on wine night—only difference is they look good on her; Gisele Bundchen, who can barely do any wrong (’til she opens her mouth, anyway); and Camilla Belle, who is really coming into her own and looking fierce as hell.

Honorable mention? Carey Mulligan, up top. Not many people can pull off a dress that says, “No, don’t look at me—look at you!”

#5 – Jessica Biel
photo of jessica biel met gala 2012 pics

#4 – Gisele Bundchen
photo of gisele bundchen 2012 met gala pics

#3 – Marion Cotillard
photo of marion cotillard pictures met gala pic

#2 – Emma Stone
photo of emma stone 2012 met gala pics

#1 – Camilla Belle
photo of camilla belle pictures met gala pic
Who looked the best?

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Emma Stone: “I Don’t Believe in Depriving Yourself”

A photo of Emma Stone

Emma Stone, my darling! It’s been far too long since I last sang your praises, but do not worry, my dear, because my love has not faded at all. I still while away the hours admiring your heartbreaking beauty, and my soul still yearns for yours. My love for you shall never disappear, dear Emma, for it is a constant thing that lives in me, and after my last breath, after my body decays and I am no longer part of the physical world, my love for you will be a part of the universe. I will leave my love for you in the stars, in the constellations and galaxies and the vast heavens above you, and it will shine on your pale skin like the moonlight, leaving you warm as the sun.

But hey, before I start sounding too much like Jim Carrey, let me show you this interview she just did, all right?

From Us Weekly:

Like most women, Emma Stone isn’t 100 percent happy with her body.

“I do have that thing of, ‘Oh my God, I’m disgusting! I ate a huge Wagamama lunch, the whole yaki soba, and I feel so fat,’” the 23-year-old tells England’s S Magazine. “But I’m still gonna eat that stuff, and you know what? You can get nice, loose clothes that cover it all up.”

The actress, who’s currently dating her Amazing Spider-Man costar Andrew Garfield, adds: “I’m not gonna go parading around in a bikini. OK, I did that in a photo shoot once, but it’s about what you’re comfortable with at the time you’re comfortable with it. That was a good day, but you won’t hear me saying I have no body issues because I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.”

While shooting the Oscar-nominated film The Help in 2010, Stone put on a few extra pounds after indulging in Mississippi’s famous comfort foods.

“Suddenly nothing fitted me, but then they have such delicious food in the South and I don’t believe in depriving yourself,” Stone tells S Magazine. “Yes, you should be healthy and take care of yourself, but growing up I’ve seen people who have horrible issues with food.”

Laughs Stone: “I haven’t worked out for a month and I’m proud of it!”

“Running is bad for your knees and I like to do things I actually enjoy, like going for a swim. I had a trainer during Spider-Man and I discovered I have deep-seated rage when I’m holding heavy weights over my head. Whatever dormant anger I have in me, that’s where it comes out. That’s not the kind of working out I want to do,” the actress explains.

“I would much rather sleep at night than want to throw a weight across a room at someone. I’m usually a pretty peaceful person, but for some reason when I get in the gym something bubbles up in me.”

Of course I totally agree with her. Health is definitely important, like she said, but come on, you only get this one life, and if you spend it obsessing over every calorie and never, ever letting yourself have one piece of goddamn cake, then that seems like a waste to me. Eat some cake. Have a cookie. Get yourself a bowl of ice cream. It’s ok. As long as you don’t eat an entire pie by yourself, sobbing and calling yourself a stupid cow, then it’s ok. And even that’s ok sometimes! Just indulge yourself every once in a while, but try and be healthy enough so that you can indulge yourself for a long, long time.

Do we all feel good now? Do we feel a little inspired? All right, then I’m going to go plan out a great Southern meal for Emma and design a really pretty invitation. Maybe then she’ll finally answer my emails.

And Now, the Trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

I’ve got to hand it to Andrew Garfield. I wasn’t sure about him at first, you know? Sure, he’s a great actor. But he’s so skinny! So young-looking! He is hardly ideal for action-heroics.

And yet! It turns out he makes a heck of a Peter Parker in this, The Amazing Spider-Man trailer, and my word, he cuts a striking figure in that skin-tight red suit. (What’s that? Baby-faced Andrew Garfield is actually 28 years old, you say? Oh, thank God.)

Embedded above is the movie’s first 3D trailer. Of course it isn’t actually in 3D, not for plebes like us, but Screen Rant promises that the movie, shot in “true 3D,” will deliver.

How darling is Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, you guys? And I hardly recognized Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors. It stings that the role is no longer filled by Dylan Baker, but Ifans strikes the right chord between “empathetic” and “potentially insidious,” right? Phew.

Are you guys getting excited or what?

The movie hits U.S. theaters July 3.

Photo: Andrew Garfield stars in Amazing Spider-Man as Peter Parker

(Images via The Hollywood Reporter.)

The Critics’ Choice Awards Were Last Night!

A photo of Emma Stone

I know, I know, the People’s Choice Awards were just the night before! But settle down, kids, because the Critics’ Choice Awards actually kind of matter, and besides, it’s awards season, so buck up. The Golden Globes are this Sunday, you know. It’s time to get serious.

And you guys, things did get serious last night. Seriously gorgeous. Both my girls, Emma Stone and Evan Rachel Wood, were there, and they both killed it. Take a look above to see Emma looking dazzling, and below to see Evan looking stunning. I actually think I like Evan’s dress a little better. What about you guys?

A photo of Evan Rachel Wood

In the gallery below, you can also see Elle Fanning being absolutely adorable, Brad Pitt with his pimp cane, Kirsten Dunst in a cute dress of her own, and a handful of other notable celebrities.

But on to the winners!

Best picture: The Artist

Best actor: George Clooney, The Descendants

Best actress: Viola Davis, The Help

Best supporting actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help

Best supporting actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners

Best acting ensemble: The Help

Best director: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist

Best animated film: Rango

Best foreign film: A Separation

Best young actor or actress: Thomas Horn, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Best documentary feature: George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Best adapted screenplay: Moneyball, Steve Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin, story by Stan Chervin

Best original screenplay: Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen

Best cinematography(Tie): The Tree Of Life AND War Horse

Best art direction: Hugo

Best editing: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Best costume design: The Artist

Best make-up: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Best visual effects: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Best sound: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Best comedy: Bridesmaids

Best action movie :Drive

Best song: “Life’s A Happy Song” – The Muppets, Performed By Jason Segel, Amy Adams And Walter, Written By Bret Mckenzie And The Muppets

Best score: The Artist

What do you guys think?  Personally, I’m kind of bummed that We Need to Talk About Kevin didn’t win anything (both Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller were up for acting awards) because I thought it was amazing, but I’m really glad that “Life’s a Happy Song” from The Muppets got some recognition. Did you guys see The Muppets? It’s probably going to be one of my favorite movies ever. Also, I clearly need to see The Artist, huh?

Any additional thoughts?