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Ellen Pompeo



Seriously look at that huge spare tire she’s sporting around her waist. Ewwww. I thought Ellen was all about eating right and exercising. Sheesh. What a poor role model she’s become, getting so fat like that.

If you’re reading this far rather than clicking immediately through to the comments to type out a misspelled diatribe in which you call me “FATT,” suggest politely that I “look in teh miror” and make the brand-new observation that I have a large forehead (you will spell it “FOARHEAD”) then you get to know the piece of information I save for only the brightest among my readers: Ellen Pompeo is pregnant. This is her baby bump. And she looks positively radiant. And I am genuinely happy for her.

If you’d like to check out even more photos of Ellen and her baby bump from that day, they’re over here.

Pompeo is Preggers

Ellen Pompeo with Husband Chris Ivers

I actually kind of hate the word “preggers” but I can’t find a euphemism for pregnancy that I like, so “preggers” it is.

Actress Ellen Pompeo, 39 , of Grey’s Anatomy fame has confirmed that she is expecting her first child with husband Chris Ivery, 41. No details yet on the due date, but she can have fun picking out baby buggies with fellow Grey’s co-star Chyler Leigh, who is due next month.