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Ellen Pompeo Thought The Emmys Need More “People Of Color”

Hakkassan Restaurant Ellen Pompeo 2013

Ellen Pompeo was not impressed by the 2013 Emmy Awards. I didn’t think I’d have this much to say about the show either, but I felt like her comment was worth sharing. I think it’s going to get a few people talking all over the Internet, unless Ellen Pompeo is too 2008 to get attention. She told USA Today that she was “really disappointed” because,

I didn’t see any diversity in the Emmys at all. The Emmys felt so dated to me. … That dance number was embarrassing. Did you see one person of color in that dance number?

I guess since Pompeo is on a show known for its diversity (“I’m extremely proud of our very, very diverse cast [of Grey’s Anatomy] which represents the world that I walk around in every day”) she’s disappointed when other shows are too, well, white. Her husband, Chris Ivery, is black. She’s come under fire before from Essence for trying to appropriate black culture solely because her husband is black. Or something.

All I can say is yeah, it would be really great if TV shows could have the same “color blind casting” that Grey‘s does. For example, nowhere in the character breakdown did it say that Sandra Oh‘s character was Asian. They just read whoever they thought would be best for the part. By the way, this upcoming season of Grey‘s will be Oh’s last.

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It’s a Girl!

Ellen Pompeo

I give a lot of credit to Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo and her husband, music producer Chris Ivery for keeping this a secret for so long!  Their spokesperson released a statement today announcing the birth of their daughter, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery.  She was born on September 15th and that’s all they’ve released in the way of details.

Congratulations to the (hopefully!) happy couple!

Pictures in the gallery were taken of Ellen the week she gave birth.  She really looked great right up until the end!

Anatomy of an Affair?


Usually, reading the words “Star Magazine reports,” is enough to make me discount every single word that follows.  But several months ago there were rumblings that the marriage between Chris Ivery and Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo was on the rocks.  They’ve been married less than two years (they’ve been dating since 2003) and are expecting a baby girl one of these days.  As an aside, her pregnancy seems like it’s been dragging on for, like, five years.  

Anyway, based on that one stupid rumor that was floating around this summer, I’m wondering if this story could be true.  According to Star, record producer Ivery had an affair this spring with a Boston girl named Rachel Artz.  I checked out her Facebook — she’s 19-years-old, blond, hot.  Artz said, “Yes, I had sexual relations with Chris.  We were intimate several times.”  Ellen’s camp is denying the affair, but this teenager is spilling specific details of having sex with Chris in Boston, Miami and at a friend’s home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Oh, Ellen, it’s like you are getting real-life karmic payback for the fictional character you play on television.  So unfair.

Ellen Pompeo is About to Pop

Ellen Pompeo's Baby Bump

An endearingly bumpy– and as always, braless– Ellen Pompeo showed off her baby boulder on the way to the doctor Saturday.

Umm… is this one of those times when we don’t have to pretend that pregnancy automatically makes all women look better? Not every woman “glows,” unless your definition of “glowing” includes awkwardness and upper lip sweat.

Still, Ellen looks very happy (and healthy) for someone who could see her own placenta at any moment; the baby is due in early August.

Does Ellen Pompeo Wear a Bra?

Ellen Pompeo Never Wears a Bra

The above picture of Ellen attending a Lakers / Cavs playoff game this past week, coupled with  the ones Beet posted on Thursday made me curious. Sometimes it’s obvious that she’s not wearing one. At other times– like in the picture above– I really can’t tell. It doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bra to me, but she could just be wearing a really bad one.

So I did a little research and discovered that in every single picture that has been taken of her off-set since 2007 her mammary support is questionable at best. There were a large number of strapless dresses or outfits where she was definitely braless (and it was called for). But then she opts to pass on undergarments while wearing outfits, like the camel wool shift dress pictured in the gallery below, that scream for bra coverage if for no other reason than to save one’s poor nipples from being rubbed raw by an irritating fabric. The woman must have nipples of steel.

So I’d like to play a little game. It’s called “Is Ellen Pompeo Wearing a Bra?” And the objective is simple: look through the pics below and tell me whether or not she’s wearing a bra.

My answers are:

1) No

2) No

3) No

4) No

5) No

6) No

7) No

8) No

9) No

10) No

11) No

12) No

By the way, I just want to publicly go on record as being emphatically pro-bra. Call me old fashioned and prudish, but I believe that if fitted properly, bras can make you look thinner and younger. They also help prevent a certain kind of pointing, which as your mother told you when you were little, is rude. I personally believe that bras are a usefull member of the lingerie family and that some sort of mammary support is a necessary part of any outfit.

My observations at shows and parties– and of Kristen Cavallari on the season finale of The Hills just now– seem to indicate that I am in the minority on this.

Ladies, don’t be afriad to put the girls away every now and then. You don’t want to end up looking like one of those lost Amazonian tribeswomen on the National Geographic Channel.

Ellen Pompeo’s Baby Bump!!!



Ellen Pompeo is finally putting a little meat on her bones — in the form of a very healthy-looking baby bump. Ellen hit up Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping and then headed back to the LA home she shares with hubby Chris Iverson. She looks fantastic!



Seriously look at that huge spare tire she’s sporting around her waist. Ewwww. I thought Ellen was all about eating right and exercising. Sheesh. What a poor role model she’s become, getting so fat like that.

If you’re reading this far rather than clicking immediately through to the comments to type out a misspelled diatribe in which you call me “FATT,” suggest politely that I “look in teh miror” and make the brand-new observation that I have a large forehead (you will spell it “FOARHEAD”) then you get to know the piece of information I save for only the brightest among my readers: Ellen Pompeo is pregnant. This is her baby bump. And she looks positively radiant. And I am genuinely happy for her.

If you’d like to check out even more photos of Ellen and her baby bump from that day, they’re over here.