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Ed McMahon

Heeeeeeerrrrreeeee’s Heaven!


Ed McMahon died in the very early morning hours today.  This is so sad!

The 86-year-old entertainer passed away at the Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center.  According to his publicist, he was surrounded by his wife and family.

Ed had struggled with health issues for the past few years, battling cancer, pneumonia and other non-specified illnesses. 

McMahon, best known as being Johnny Carson’s sidekick for almost 35 years, also hosted Star Search — really the original American Idol — for over a decade.  Of course, he was also the Publisher’s Clearinghouse dude, too.  Sadly, in more recent years Ed McMahon’s most prominent role was one of debtor — a tragic postscript to a great career that resulted in the foreclosure of his Beverly Hills home.

All I know is this.  With Johnny and Ed both gone, I bet the late-night entertainment in heaven is going to be spectacular.

Prayers and positive thoughts go out to the McMahon family.

Ed McMahon Has Been in the Hospital for Almost a Month…


..and people are just now noticing.

Doctor’s say McMahon is in serious condition, but his spokesman, Howards Bragman, had this to say:

“Ed’s a big, strong, hearty guy and his family and I are hopeful and optimistic about his prognosis,” he said.

Yes, he’s as “hearty” an 85-year old as there ever was. His birthday is March 6, and given how much Ed’s already been through I’m confident he’ll see that day. If he’s spry enough for the ‘Cash for Gold’ commercial he’s spry enough to  beat pneumonia.

Get Better Soon, Ed!


Donald Trump Bails Out Ed McMahon

Donald Trump has offered to buy the LA mansion of Ed McMahon — saving it from foreclosure — and then lease it back to McMahon, who defaulted on his loans.

The developer told the Los Angeles Times he doesn’t know McMahon personally, but acted out of compassion because helping out “would be an honor.”

“When I was at the Wharton School of Business I’d watch him every night,” Trump told the Times. “How could this happen?”

Dude, Trump, do you ever fucking even hear yourself? Must you plug Wharton every chance you get? We get it, dude, you went to a good business school. But that was like 100 years ago, and you sound like a complete tool whenever you go out of your way to mention it. It’s like, ya know, I was on the honor roll in middle school, but I don’t bring it up much these days, because nobody cares and I’d sound like an asshole.

The deal is expected to be completed sometime soon.

And also, just so we’re all clear here, what Donald Trump is actually doing is purchasing valuable Los Angeles real estate at foreclosure prices at a time when the market’s down anyway — and the property comes complete with both a renter and tons of free publicity!